Barbie Unicorn Play Phone Set Review

Photo of Barbie Unicorn Play Phone Set

We are 1000% a Barbie household, with the giant dreamhouse taking up one corner of the playroom and all the cars, planes and accessories crowded into the other. Thankfully, the kids love it and it is played with daily, making it well worth the investment. Barbie really is the gift that keeps on giving and this phone set is no exception! Check out our Barbie Unicorn Play Phone Set review.

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What's in the Set?

Vivi (6) is a little mini-me. She loves putting on make-up (like mum), doing her nails, using a splash of glitter and prancing around in her mini heels. I knew that her very own Barbie mobile phone was going to make her eyes light up, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Barbie Unicorn Play Phone Set includes a lights and sounds phone, a glittery unicorn phone case (just like mum’s!), two pretend Barbie credit cards, and a detachable strap.

Engaging and Interactive

Vivi hasn’t put the phone down since she got it, and is even asking where she can get new phone cases for it, so she can mix and match. She loves pressing the buttons and hearing the Barbie phrases, which adds to the fun of pretend play. She loves playing ‘babies’ with her big sister, Cassie, so they are both often on the phone now arranging a babysitter (their younger brother), so they can go out.

The credit cards have been a huge hit with their play kitchen, which already has a cash register set up and ready to go. Paying for ice creams just became even easier.

Barbie Electronic Purse Set

Photo of Barbie Electronic Purse Set

Looking for more playtime fun? Check out the Barbie Electronic Purse Set that comes with some extra goodies! The set includes: one magic reveal sequin bag, one pocket mirror, one pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, one light and sounds cell phone, and one play credit card! Everything a little person needs for plenty of pretend play fun.

Final Thoughts

The Barbie Unicorn Play Phone Set is a wonderful addition to any child’s toy collection. It’s a great gift for young Barbie fans and is sure to provide hours of fun and creative play.


You can find the Barbie Unicorn Play Phone Set here at Big W. Or shop the Barbie Electronic Purse Set here. What more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts Category and find the perfect present for that special person!  Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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