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Teddy bear picnic table

Ava’s Teddy Bear Picnic Party

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic! Picking a theme for your little one’s special day always comes with an extra degree of pressure! You want to find something that reflects their interests (no matter how limited at

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fat unicorn cake

Fat Unicorn Cake

Looking for a great kids’ (or adults!) cake witha twist? You can’t look at this fat unicorn cake without letting out a giggle – it’s just adorable too! Karlie shares exactly how she pulled together this amazing creation, along with

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DIY Bunnings birthday

Leo’s 5th DIY Bunnings Party

This party was for my son, Leo’s 5th Birthday. He loves Bunnings, it is his favourite shop and loves going with his dad, so it was only fitting we did it as a birthday party. Here’s our DIY Bunnings party.

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Eat me cookie

Mad Hatter Party

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be.” Of course, if you’re hosting a party,

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Spiderman birthday party

Spiderman Birthday Party

The set-up of this amazing Spiderman Party is just perfect, with the spider balloons making a great statement behind the food. And such a simple idea too! All you need are two normal balloons and four long balloons. Blow up

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flamingo party

DIY Flamingo Party

Coming up with a fun and flirty adult party theme can be a struggle. You want to be able to go all out with the theme and have fun choosing all the props, but you also want to make sure

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roblox party set up

Levi’s 5th Roblox Party

If you have a little one in your life, then you have no doubt already come across Roblox – a global online game where kids can create and interact with 3D worlds. With all the merchandise also available in toy

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Winnie the Pooh backdrop

1st Winnie the Pooh Party

Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh! Such a gorgeous theme for a special 1st birthday. Sometimes in our busy lives, there’s nothing better than outsourcing that next birthday party and getting an excellent helping hand to bring it all together.

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baby bottom cake final

Baby Bottom Cake

Let ‘s face it, there’s nothing more enjoyable than being able to celebrate a special mum-to-be and spoil her on her journey into motherhood. Baby showers conjure up images of delicious cupcakes, sugar biscuits, sweet spreads and copious amounts of

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koala party set up

DIY 9th Koala Party

When your little one has an obsession: whether that’s cars, dolls, monsters or…koalas… it’s the perfect excuse to create an entire birthday theme around it! After all, they’re guaranteed to love it. That’s what one mum, Michelle, has done for

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race car birthday

Elliot’s 3rd Race Car Birthday

Elliot’s 3rd race car birthday was a huge hit! After a big Circus Party last year, we wanted to pull together something nice and low key, which still celebrating with his friends. After putting together his new race car bedroom,

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diy poo emoji cake

DIY Poo Emoji Cake

It’s no secret that emojis have become integrated into our everyday life. Whether we’re crying with laughter 😂, shedding a tear 😢, or sharing some love 🥰, there’s an emoji for just about everything. Even a… poo emoji 💩. Birthdays

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antipasto platter meats

DIY Antipasto Platter

There’s nothing better than pulling together an amazing DIY antipasto platter to wow a crowd. The best part is, you have so much freedom when it comes to putting it together! Choose the things you like and the rest will

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DIY McDonalds Burger Cake

Do you have someone in your life who is simply obsessed with McDonalds? While a ‘cake’ burger won’t quite taste the same as their favourite meal, it’s the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion – and it looks great,

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scary dinosaur cake

Scary Dinosaur Cake

Do you have a fearsome dinosaur party coming up? Whether you’re going all out with a Jurassic Park theme, or you simply want to create something ‘wow’ worthy, this incredible scary dinosaur cake from Jasmine has a little bit of

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Isaiah’s 1st Construction Birthday Party

If you have some cardboard boxes lying around then it’s time to save them! They will come in very handy for this amazing construction birthday party theme. Mum Jaimie shares how she pulled together this complete DIY-friendly dream party for

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Disney cars party set up

Disney Cars Party

I have the need…for speed! Who doesn’t love Lightning McQueen and his buddies in their epic Cars adventures. It makes for the perfect party theme for any little boy or girl! Mum Lynette has done a great job of putting

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DIY gravity cake

DIY Gravity Cake

Have you ever wanted to create your very own DIY gravity cake? The perfect thing about it is just how versatile it is. Choose from a round cake, turn it into a number, or go with any shape you like.

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Barbie party cake

Eleanor’s Barbie Party

Does anyone else have a Barbie obsessed child at home? We certainly do! I know it’s going to be a hot theme choice for parties in our home this year. And for good reason. I’ve watched the latest Barbie shows

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a toast to hazel cake

A Toast To Hazel

Are you looking for a unique theme that can be used at any age? This is the perfect pick – and one many people have never heard of before! Amy shares how she pulled together this gorgeous theme for her

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Wild One party set-up

Wild One Party Set-Up

If you have a little one celebrating a first birthday soon, Wild One is the perfect theme to have a little fun with! It’s a cute play on words, while opening up so many different decorating options that you can

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moana cake

Moana Cake

Whether you have a Moana party coming up, or simply going with an island theme, this stunning cake is just perfect for the celebration! Find out how to pull the look together yourself, with this how-to guide from Michelle. Disclosure:

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Easter brownies

Easter Brownie Carrot Patch

Hop into Easter and start indulging in the chocolate early this season with this deliciously tasty treat! The best part? This Easter brownie carrot patch is designed to be messy – completely with oreo biscuits as dirt! So kids can

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Wizard of Oz

Harper’s 5th Wizard of Oz Party

Is there anything more magical than a Wizard of Oz party! Such a fun and fabulous theme, and definitely an oldie but a goodie. You can have so much fun bringing together the different aspects of this party. Here’s how

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Panda Backdrop

Addison’s 6th Panda Birthday Party

If you’re after a theme that’s a little different, but completely ‘wow’ worthy, this panda party is just what you need. All you need is some black-and-white decorations, and some DIY help, to pull together this incredible look. Angela shares

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Workman’s Cake

Do you have handyman in your life who you’re wanting to celebrate? Whether they have a birthday coming up, or you simply want to say thank you for a job well done, this workman’s cake is just perfect! Amanda shares

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