Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Review

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What is it with kids and putty? My three are just crazy about anything slimy, gooey, or simply sensory and it can entertain them for hours. Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Thinking Putty and SCENTsory Putty are no different. They offer the perfect sensory exploration and imaginative play for Cassie (8 years), Vivi (6 years), and Elliot (4 years). Check out our Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty review to discover the fun.

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A Blend of Sensory and Imaginative Play

Crazy Aaron’s putties are known for their unique properties and variety. The Hide Inside Thinking Putty, with its clear base and hidden “silly” faces,  is one of our favourites offering visual and tactile experience. The SCENTsory Putty, on the other hand, comes in a range of scents, which the kids just love! They all love sharing the different scents with each other and forming the putty into different foods that might have the same smell.

Engaging and Stimulating for All Ages

  • Versatile fun: The putties cater to a wide range of ages. Cassie enjoys the challenge of finding hidden faces in the Hide Inside Thinking Putty, while Vivi and Elliot are fascinated by the scents and colours of the SCENTsory Putty.
  • Developmental benefits: Playing with putty helps in developing hand and finger strength. It’s not just fun but also beneficial for their motor skills.
  • Creative exploration: The putties encourage imaginative play. The children can stretch, bounce, sculpt, and even create their own games and stories with the putty, making it a versatile toy for creative minds.

Perfect for On-the-Go Entertainment

One of the great things about this putty is that it can travel with you! The putties come in convenient tins, making them easy to carry around. Whether the family is at a restaurant or on a long drive, these putties are a great way to keep the kids engaged and entertained. Simply bring a packet of wipes to clean up afterwards.

Each tin of putty offers endless possibilities for play. The children can return to them time and again, finding new ways to stretch their imagination. We love bringing it away with us as a ‘treat’ for the kids. They are delegated to the table (to contain the mess) and encouraged to have fun!

Final Thoughts

Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Thinking Putty and SCENTsory Putty are great tools for creativity and sensory development. For Cassie, Vivi, and Elliot, these putties offer a fun and engaging way to explore their senses and unleash their imagination. They’re also nice and affordable, so you can pop the on the birthday party gift list for that next friend’s party.

You can find Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Thinking Putty and SCENTsory Putty here.

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