Kids Science Party Cake

Step into the world of wonder and exploration, where imagination meets experimentation in a whirlwind of excitement. We delve into the creative genius of a personalised party experience crafted by mum Staicey, who shares how she pulled this magical theme together. From personalised party bags to meticulously designed toppers, and a series of captivating experiments to top it off. Here’s how to plan your next kids science party.

Kids Science Party Decorations

Kids Science Party Shirt

I have a personalisation business called Cheeki Sunshine (on Instagram and Facebook with an Etsy shop) so did the top, party bags and topper myself. 

Kids Science Party Cake

Kids Science Party Cake

I made the cake by putting three Bundt tins of different sizes on top of each other. 

The middle was filled with m&ms which spilled out like lava when the cake was cut into. It was a big hit!

Science Party Experiments

Kids Science Party Experiment

The experiments I got inspiration from my online searches.

Volcano: every child had individual plastic glasses, a shot of baking soda and a shot of vinegar. I also went around with a pipette of red food colouring. So they poured the baking soda in. Then the red food colour and then the shot of vinegar to make it erupt. They continued with the vinegar until it stopped. 

Kids Science Party Experiment

Salt art: I printed out a pile of simple line drawings. They chose a drawing and used PVA glue to trace around. I then had a tray of salt ready to go and they came over and turned the page over to the salt to get the salt to stick to glue. I hat little shot glasses of food colour mixed with water in front of them to squirt a pipette along the salt line to watch the colour spread. 

Kids Science Party Experiment marshmallows

Build challenge: I provided them with chocolate sponge rolls, marshmallows, gummy bears and toothpicks and they had to build the tallest and stable structure. Gave them a time limit towards the end

Science Party Bags

Science Party Bags

The party bags stuck with the kids science party theme and had lots of fun goodies inside. These included: 

  1. Test tube of M&Ms
  2. Lollies
  3. Stickers
  4. Bubbles
  5. Mini science experiment
  6. Mini potion

More Science Party Inspiration 

Looking for more ideas when it comes to throwing the perfect Science party? You can also check out:

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