Minion Party Centrepiece

Creating a fun Minion party is like opening a door to a world of laughter and colour. With their vibrant yellow and blue, these playful characters set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. These little uys have made a big name for themselves on our TV screens and it’s no wonder kids can’t get enough of them with all the cheeky antics they get up to. Mum Jess has set up this adorable Minions party theme for her four-year-old and shares plenty of DIY tips to create your own yellow and blue party.

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Minion Decorations

The table centrepiece is a DIY job that Jess creatively made herself  and he just looks adorable!

Jess took an old formula tin wrapped in yellow paper. Jess added black ribbon around, and printed minion eyes to glue on.

Next, she filled the tin with a black curly tie and then add curled pipe cleaners. Jess printed number 4 (it was a 4th birthday) and printed minions. Jess printed each layer on a circuit machine but a normal picture of a minion would work too.

Minion Party Food

Minion cups
  • Rice bubble slice: Simple rice bubble slice recipe. Made two batches dyed one blue and one yellow. Put them on top of each other and then let them set.
  • Jelly cups: Clear cups with sharpie eyes. Used Aeroplane jelly – mango and blueberry. Made blueberry first let it set and then mango on top. Used two boxes of each colour to do about 14 cups.
Minion Party Cake

This adorable, cheeky Minion cake has to be one of the highlights on the table! 

The cake is a simple sponge with vanilla icing, blue and yellow spots (which Jess picked out of a rainbow spots shaker from Woolies). 

Jess printed the Minion and overalls from a Google image. She then laminated them (left laminate on the bottom of the standing minions which she used to pierce them into the cake so they would stand). Jess then added a bit of string on the skewers to sticky tape the overalls on to make the clothesline. Such an adorable cake topper!

Minion Outfits

Minion Party Outfir
Of course, no Minion party would be complete without actually getting to dress up in yellow and blue! Plus, it’s easier than ever to dress up! All you need is a yellow shirt with blue overalls over the top. Voila! You can take it a step further with some fun and funky Minion Goggles. You can shop them online here.
Minion dress ups

These Minion hats are just perfect for party guests to run around in. Jess got yellow builder hats from Big W. You can also buy them online here.

Jess stuck on some black duct tape around the edge and again printed eyes which were glued onto the front.

Minion Party Games

Minion Games

As a game, Jess got all the kids mini nerf guns from Toy Mate. The game was to shoot the purple minions on the trees and then shoot down the stacked cups.

The yellow cups are a nice and simple way to add some Minion magic to the party. Jess printed and glued minion eyes on. (Rocks were to hold them down it was very windy).

Minion Party Bags

Jess then popped the gun into the party bag, which also had a minion tattoo and packet of minion lollies (both from Big W).

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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Minion Party Centrepiece

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Creating a fun Minion party is like opening a door to a world of laughter and colour. With their vibrant

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