Finding The Best Party Decorations

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect party decorations? We’re on hand to help! Our goal here at DIY Party Central is to not only provide PLENTY of inspiration when it comes to planning that next party, but also helping you source every little item so you can recreate the look yourself.

Consider us the Australian Pinterest where you can see the look and shop the look, but all in Australia.

No, we don’t sell any of the party supplies or party decorations ourselves. We simply exist as the go between, to give you everything you need to celebrate that next party without a hitch. Good luck and happy planning!

Finding The Right Party Supplies

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Whether you’re on the hunt for decorations for a birthday party, engagement party, or any other kind of party, it can be hard to find the right supplies.

It can be so frustrating, heading onto Pinterest and seeing your dream party set up, only to discover every little detail was sourced overseas. By the time you add in international shipping, it’s almost impossible to afford. And that’s if international shipping is even an option.

That’s why we have put this website together. Browse parties that were put together by mums IN Australia and find out how they created the look and where they sourced their decorations from. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s so easy!

Party Themes

Before you even go on the hunt for your party decorations, it’s important to have a theme in place. It can be something as simple as black and gold! A theme is the perfect way to pull all the decorations together so that they look uniform. You need a theme, not matter how simple.

On our site you have the option to browse parties by theme, such as Toy Story, Bluey, Paw Patrol or Superhero, or occasion, such as 1st birthday or baby shower, whichever you prefer! It’s a great way to gain as much inspiration as possible before nailing down that perfect theme for you (or your child). So have plenty of fun browsing, there are some truly amazing parties on here from some incredible people, who pulled it all together.

Choosing Your Party Decorations

party themes

Now, let’s get down to business. What are the perfect party decorations in Australia for that next celebration of yours? You really can pick and choose when it comes to how much detail you want to pull together your look. Going on the hunt for some party decorations at Kmart, or party decorations at Big W can be the perfect place to start, you never know what they might have in your theme ready to go. Even just a quick Google of ‘party decorations near me’ could bring up some fabulous results. And don’t forget to look online. There are so many great party decorations online for you to pick and choose from.

But, here are some of our top recommendations when it comes to party supplies, and some great party decoration ideas to get you started.


Mermaid theme party table set up with balloons

This is the best place to start, for the simple reason they are the best, cheap party supplies, that can really add so much to the decorations. You can do so much with balloons!

The simple latex balloons are perfect for a whole range of uses:

  • Tie them to the letterbox or fence to let people know where the party is.
  • Hang them from your roof or a pole at the park to add that perfect pop of colour that adds to your theme.
  • Turn them into a magnificent balloon garland that can be hung behind your party table.
  • Pop some helium in them and let them float around the roof with strings for the kids to play. Or you can leave the helium out and just leave them on the floor for some more fun.

There is also a whole range of foil balloons, which are perfect for any theme. Simple pop some helium in them, tie them to a balloon weight and put them on display. You can usually find characters to suit any theme, from Alice in Wonderland through to Mermaid.

Another great option is opting for foil number balloons for a birthday party. It’s the perfect way to show off what you’re celebrating and also makes the perfect backdrop for pictures.

The best part is, kids love balloons and they also double as party entertainment. You can get a huge range of colours and designs to complement your party theme, including some cool confetti balloons and more.


Banners are another great option when it comes to decorations. You can go with a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ foil banner from Kmart or Office Works, or get a little more fancy with a personalised banner that has the party person’s name on it!

A banner is the perfect statement piece when it comes to party decorations, and is the perfect way to show everyone exactly what you’re celebrating from the moment they walk through the door.

Back Drop

Bluey party table set up with water bottles. jelly, and Bluey chocolates

If there’s one way to make a statement at a party table, it’s to add an impressive backdrop behind it. Choosing something eye-catching that also relates to the theme is the perfect way to draw everyone over to the party table (where the food and cake is!).

It’s the ideal way to create a central location for the party for everyone to mingle around.

Thankfully, you can shop a huge range of backdrops for fairly cheap these days. Which is great considering you aren’t all that likely to use it again anytime soon!

Just jump on eBay or Ali Express and type in your chosen party theme and see what back drops come up in your search. The important thing to do is make sure you order with enough time for it to be shipped from overseas in time for that celebration.

You can also browse all the different themes on our site to find out where they sourced their own backdrops from.


Construction party theme water bottles with labels

Personalised party labels are very popular at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking to tie a party theme together, then these labels are the perfect way to achieve that cohesive look.

You can find a party business that will design them for you (check out our directory for this one), and then have them print them for you as well for an added cost, or get the files to print out yourself.

Here are some of the things you might use a personalised label for:

  • Drink bottles
  • Food (little labels that go in front, often with a funny name related to the theme. For example, in a construction theme you can refer to gold chocolate as ‘wages’.
  • Party favours (more on that below): bubble wands, chocolate wrappers, etc.
  • Signs that you might have around the party
  • Invitations

These personalised labels are usually all use the same design, which is what brings the entire look together for a party. They are extremely cost effective as well.

Party Favours

Paw Patrol theme party bags with goodies inside

While the party favors aren’t necessarily a decoration for your party, they can definitely add to it. You can get party favour boxes and bags that are on theme and can be on display throughout the party, which looks great!

You can also choose from other fun things such as:

  • Bubble wands
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies

All of these can be customised to suit your theme, which adds to the overall look you’re going for. We just love party decorations that serve multiple purposes. Best way to get value for money.

Photo Wall

Mermaid theme party props with a giant clam and backdrop

You want guests to have fun and take lots of snaps and a photo wall, or DIY photo booth is the perfect way to draw them in.

Create your own cardboard frame full of props suited to your theme. It’s a fun DIY craft job to do in the lead up to your party.

You can also set up and decorate a space that’s in theme where people can stand to have their photo taken. This mermaid party is the perfect example of this.

Party Table

Boho rainbow party theme table set up with food

Let’s not forget the party table. It’s the perfect place to add a few decorations to really pull everything together.

Here’s some of the key features to think about when decorating:

  • Party tablecloth: choose something on theme, or at least with a matching colour to the rest of the party. You can get very extravagant with some of the party table skirts out there.
  • Cake: the cake is usually the centre of the party table and the statement piece of food for everyone to see. Try and prop it up on a cake stand to really make it stand out.
  • Party food: see if you can create some on theme party food, such as a watermelon shark for an under the water theme, or teacup biscuits for a tea party theme. The food then doubles as decoration for the party. Win-win. The way you display the food can also add to the decoration, for example, popping lollies in jars, using cupcake stands and so on.
  • Confetti: think of anything else you can throw on the party table for some added fun. Maybe some confetti, streamers, figurines or anything you can find.

Planning The Perfect Party

Party decorations can really pull together a theme, but you can go as crazy or as simple as you like. Sometimes, less really is more. Workout what space you have and go from there, as long as you have everyone there to celebrate with you, it really will be the perfect day.

In the meantime, download our handy Party Checklist to help you get organised and stay organised for that next celebration.

Don’t forget to browse all the incredible parties we have on our site to help you with inspiration for that next event.


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