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Remember back to your childhood and the excitement of attending a friend’s birthday party.

There’s the games, the delicious food, the fun with friends, and then at the end of a long, amazing day – the party favours.

The joy that came from scrummaging into them from the moment got back into your car. Beelining straight for the lollies to keep that sugar high going, then fighting with siblings as they grab at the goods.

The best times.

Whether you’re planning a kids’ birthday party, a baby shower, or even an adults’ party, party favours are a great addition. And they’ll never grow old or go out of fashion. But, you can have a bit more fun with them these days. There’s so many amazing party favour choices out there, we want to walk you through some of our favourite choices, and everything you need to know when it comes to putting together the party bag.

Disclosure: This post on party favours contains an affiliate link, and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a small commission if you decide to purchase after clicking through the link. I’ll only ever recommend things that I love and believe will help you, and the decision to purchase is entirely yours!

What Are Party Favours?

The first thing you need to know is that party favours in Australia aren’t a necessity. Kids LOVE them, but that doesn’t mean you have to offer them up.

The concept is fairly simple. They act as a takeaway gift to thank someone for coming to your party. Most people who attend parties also bring a gift with them. This serves the dual purpose of thanking them for this gift at the same time.

Plus, who doesn’t love recent a present at every party they go to! It adds to the excitement and fun.

Party favours can be anything. They can be entire party bags full of toys and lollies, or one gift on its own. There are some really unique options out there, so be prepared to have a bit of fun with it all.

History Of Party Favours

Believe it or not, the origins of the party favour began with weddings. I guess that’s not so hard to believe, considering they are still popular today. The Bride and Groom began giving gifts to their guests as early as the 16th Century.

Understanding the history behind this gesture adds so much more meaning when it comes to choosing your own party favours.

They started out as bonbonnieres, which have been given out at birthday parties, weddings and other events for centuries. It began as an actual box made of porcelain, with a delicious sugar piece inside.

From here, they evolved into the candied almonds with the tradition still kept alive today. Of course, you also have completely free reign in the modern age to choose whatever favours you like.

Where To Buy Party Favours

We are currently spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing some amazing party favours. Not only do we have some amazing party supplies stores in Australia, but there are stores like Kmart and Big W that are making party buying even easier. If you’re after party favours, Kmart is a great choice. Cheap party favours doesn’t have to mean bad!

If you’re looking to save some money, you can also get some fabulous things from eBay, Aliexpress and Amazon – we share some of these with you below. EBay and Aliexpress do tend to take longer to arrive (think up to 4 weeks, sometimes even more), but if you’re planning ahead, this should be fine!

Should Party Favours Match Themes?

We all know that the party theme is an essential part of any party. It can pull everything together, from the invitations through to the backdrop, cake and more.

So, this begs the question, should the party favours match the theme?

That’s entirely up to you! While it’s always nice to have that link in there you don’t have to go overboard. Sometimes it’s simply enough to have a party bag that’s in theme, while putting something completely different inside.

The theme can often give you the best inspiration when it comes to your party favours, so don’t dismiss the idea. Here are some common matches:

Types of Party Favours (For Kids)

Now this is a never-ending list that could go on. We are simply going to tick off some of the main categories to get you thinking. Hopefully you can use this to get creative with your own party favour ideas.

  • Toys: one of the obvious choices. From balls to dinosaur figurines, Lego or Hot Wheels cars, toys are always a popular option. But if you aren’t careful, the cost can add up quicky!
  • Personalised party favours: whether or not you go down this route is entirely up to you. Yes, personalised party favours do add a special dimension to any party, but they naturally do come with the price tag as well. One of the best I have seen, is personalised drink bottles with each child’s name on them. Practical and fun – a double win!
  • Lollies & chocolates: as you might expect from any party bag, these treats go down a… well, treat! Just don’t go overboard with them, after all, kids tend to be pretty sugar loaded after leaving the party already.
  • Plants: this is a really cute option I have seen around. You can gift everyone a small plant they can plant at home. A gift that keeps on giving.
  • Stickers: a great choice. What kids don’t love stickers!

What Do Parents Think Of Party Favours?

Know we have a good understanding of what party favours are and where you can get them, here’s the most important question: what do other parents think of party favours?

The general consensus is: avoid too much sugar.

When kids have been out all afternoon pigging out on all their favourite snacks, the last thing they need is to come home afterwards with an entire bag full of sugar.

The other thing to avoid is toys that are just going to break in two seconds. These can cause more stress than they’re worth. It’s better to opt for one good quality toy each, rather than lots of little bits and pieces.

Finally, avoid anything noisy. It might be fun to throw in that party blower into the bag, but when they take it home – the parents don’t share the same sentiment.

Should Adult Parties Have Favours?

Another question we hear often. And our answer: why the hell not! I hope I never grow so old that party favours become a distant memory. Of course, they chop and change as you age, but the concept remains the same. A cute gesture to say thanks for coming.

Having said this, it’s completely OK not to have them. Most people won’t actually be expecting one. And if they were, they’re much more likely to keep their thoughts to themselves (unlike kids!), so you’re safe.

They are an added extra you can have a big of fun with if you choose.

We love adult party favours so much, we have even included our favourites below. Scroll down for some inspiration.

Types Of Party Favours (For Adults)

Now that we have covered off the kids, it’s time to take a look at the adults! While Lego sounds great, I think most of us would prefer to avoid some of the other toys that come in the kid’s party favours.

So, what adult party favours are there out there?

Here are some to consider:

  • Champagne bottles: or any other type of alcohol for that matter. You can get little mini bottles that make the perfect gift.
  • Soap: it’s so easy to make your own soap these days, or even a nice candle. It’s the ideal personal touch to say thank you.
  • Personalised card deck: who doesn’t love playing cards. Get a deck personalised and everyone will remember the event for years to come.
  • Chocolate: we may get older, but we don’t loose our love for chocolate! There are so many delicious types of choose from, so have fun.

Read on to check out our top picks for adult party favours and then kids’ party favours. Happy hunting!

Top Adult Party Favours

Let’s start with the adult party favours. You have so much choice when it comes to choosing the perfect thank you after a party or event. Sometimes, the perfect thank you is a simple message after the big day to thank all your guests for turning up and sharing in the day with you.

If you want to get them a little something extra, here are a couple of ideas to get you thinking.

Mini Champagne Candles

While you could just go for the real thing (straight up alcohol), this is a great alternative that anyone could enjoy.

These are the type of favour that could actually be placed on the cake at the party (they are candles after all), but they also make cute take home gifts as well.

Each one is hand-painted to look just like a champagne bottle.

They come in a pack of six, and can be dressed up wrapped in a piece of clear cellophane with a bow.

Voila, party favours sorted.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Handheld Bottle Opener

So, there seems to be a common theme here: alcohol. What can we say, it’s always a winner when it comes to parties!

These bottle openers are one of those practical gifts that will keep on giving. After all, who doesn’t need a bottle opener at some point in their lives.

It can go straight in the kitchen drawer at home, ready to be pulled out whenever you need it.

It’s made from a wooden handle and stainless steel blade – they come in a set of six. The handle is is nice and rounded which makes it very easy to use. No need to dress these ones up, just give them out at the end and you’re done.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Top Kid’s Party Favours

Now let’s move onto the kids! There are so many fun and useful party favours out there that both parents and kids will love. Here are our top choices to give you a little inspiration for your next party.


This has to be the top choice when it comes to toddler parties. Everyone loves play-doh. It’s fun, you can be creative with it, and you don’t have to keep it once you’re done! Perfect for everyone involved.

You can also invest in a few play-doh moulds or stamps to add to the party bag. Or, if you’re looking to save on costs (and who isn’t), then go outside and pick some bits of nature. Think about gumnuts, sticks, leaves, etc. These can all be used to encourage a child’s creativity.

In this set you get 15 tubs (which goes a long way for a party) all in different colours. You can mix it up and kids will love it.

Plus, plenty of kids already have play-doh and play-doh tools at home, so you’re really just adding to their collection. It’s a great party favour for an art-themed party!

Check out latest prices here>>>

Slap Bracelets

If you’re looking for something a little different, this is it! Kids just love slap bracelets. They not only look cute and can be worn as jewellery, but they are so much fun too. They are a great addition to a disco party!

Do you know how they work? It’s simple. Straighten out the bands until it is nice and straight, and then quite literally slap the band on your wrist. It’s curls around and you have a bracelet!

They come in so many fun designs from emojis and animals, through to heart prints and retro designs.

This set comes with 52, which will well and truely have you sorted for a birthday party (we hope!).

Check out latest prices here>>>

Mini Trucks

These are always guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser – and it’s easy to see why. Little boys and girls love them and are always happy to add some more to their collection.

These trucks can be pulled back and then fling forward on their own. You can quite literally sit back and watch them zoom!

The trucks are made of plastic, but are nice and durable. They come in a large variety as well. There’s diggers, dump trucks, bulldozers and more. Perfect for a construction party!

You can combine the trucks and the play-doh above to make the perfect little digger’s set as a party favour.

They come in a set of 12 and will be well-loved by the kids.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs

These dinosaur eggs are just perfect for little kids. And it’s something that’s a little different as well, which is always nice. Perfect for a Jurassic World party.

The set comes with 12 eggs, which kids can excavate and discover what’s inside. What could be more exciting than that?

So, how exactly does it work? You soak the eggs in water for 10 minutes. After, you can take it out and chisel away at the egg to get the dinosaur inside.

Kids get the chance to play the role of paleontologist for the day and will have so much fun digging in and discovering what’s inside. It’s a party favour that both kids and adults will have plenty of fun with.

Whether you have a dinosaur-themed party or simply want some exciting party favours, these make an excellent choice.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Building Block Pencils

Another great option if you’re looking for a practical option that kids will get a lot of use from.

This one is more aimed at the older kids who are possibly already in school. They will love getting a thank you gift that they can use every single day.

And, let’s face it – what kid doesn’t love Lego?

These building block pencils come in a pack of 48, and they can be added to a party bag for some extra fun.  They can also be paired with a notepad or a fun eraser if you’re looking for a quirky gift that kids will love.

Check out latest reviews here>>>

Mini Colouring Books

Following along the same path, mini colouring books make the perfect option for kids who love arts and craft. You can even get some mini packs of pencils to pair with them to complete the set.

Cows, sharks, dragons, clowns… there are so many options that you can even pick and chose to suit your theme.

The books are so nice and small they can fit in a handbag and come out and about for doctor’s appointments, etc to keep kids entertained. It’s a practical thank you gift that parents will love as well.

The great thing is, you can also use them as entertainment on the day. Set up a colouring table, so kids can sit down and have a draw while they’re at the party.

Check out latest reviews here>>>

Superhero Drawstring Bags

Whether you’re having a superhero party, or your little one simply loves superheroes, this is the perfect superhero gift that kids can get some use out of.

Each of these superhero backpacks come in one of three bright colours: red, blue and yellow. It has fun pop art sayings, including “BAM!”, “KABOOM” and “BOOM!”

The bags are 12 inches by 15 inches and are made from non-woven polyester drawstring backpacks. They are sturdy and washable and can be used for so many different things. From sleepovers to trips to the library, your superhero bag can come with you everywhere.

You can even fill up the bag with a few extra party favours for the kids as well.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Links Wacky Tracks

Another unique option that the kids will go crazy for. These Links Wacky Tracks are so much fun.

The size of the actual track is 28cm and they come in a huge variety of colours. Each of the 24 links can pivot and lock into five different positions. Kids can create any shapes they like, such as letters, numbers, symbols and more.

It’s the perfect toy for little fingers and they can use their imagination in the process.  They also have some added benefits, such as increasing focus and attention and helping with the development of their creativity.

It’s a practical gift that both parents and kids will love.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Mini Bubble Wands

Kids just love bubbles. Big or small, bubbles are always a hit. This is why they make the perfect party gift. Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse party, Bluey Party, or a Unicorn birthday, bubble wands will always be a hit!

These bubbles wands come in a huge choice of colour. The best part is, you can tie a ribbon around the end and voila – you have a party favour ready to go.

You can even hand them out at the party, so kids can enjoy some bubble-blowing fun on the big down.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Choosing Party Favours

Now you have some great options for party favours, how do you choose the right one? It’s no easy task. But just remember, if you choose something your child will love, then the other kids will as well.

And if it’s adult party favours you’re looking for, then just go for what you love! Your friends will as well.

Party favours are all about saying thank you, so don’t place too much pressure on them,

Handy hint: it can help to wait to shop until you have the entire guest list ready to go and confirmed. This can save you from buying extra favours that won’t end up getting used.

At the end of the day – it’s a party! Have fun.

Make sure each post ends with: Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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