Your Guide To The Best Kids Party Bags 2023

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Let’s be honest, you can’t have a birthday party without party bags! They’re the best way to end a party, as a little thank you from the host to their friends to let them know they appreciate them coming. Plus, they’re fun! Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about choosing party bags, what to pop in them and our top choices. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Party Bags

The only way I can coax my kids away from a party is through the offer of a party bag as we leave. I know some parents aren’t fans of them, but if you ask me, they’re the best invention ever. We always make sure to have them on hand whenever we have a party as well, to return the favour.

There’s no better way to say a huge thanks to all the friends who attended the party (and most likely gave presents) than with a party bag! It’s full of goodies for the kids to enjoy, and just end the party on that high.

You can also incorporate party bags into your party. Many people choose to have a table set up for the bags, or add them onto the party table. If you manage to stick to the theme, then they can actually add to the decor, which is just great. For example, simply tie some green string at the top of an orange bubble wand and it makes the perfect party favour, while doubling as carrot for a Peter Rabbit party – how cute is that.

Or, you could give out superhero capes at a superhero party for kids to wear and have fun with on the day, which then double as their party favour to take home with them. Kids will love this!

Think about your theme and then think about what your kids are into. I can guarantee that if your kids are into it, then their friends will be too. It’s a pretty safe bet!

Disclosure: This post on party bags  contains an affiliate link, and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a small commission if you decide to purchase after clicking through the link. I’ll only ever recommend things that I love and believe will help you, and the decision to purchase is entirely yours!

Party Bags VS Party Favours

This is a question we’re commonly asked: is there a difference between party bags and party favours. As a general rule: no. They’re essentially the same time. However, if you want to get technical about it, there is one key difference.

Party favours tend to be a single item. For example, it might be a candle, chocolate bar, small bottle of alcohol, magnet, bubbles, cookie or something else.

Party bags on the other hand – you guessed it – are a bag that full of multiple gifts for your party goer.

The choice is, of course, yours! And the answer may simply lie in the type of party you’re holding. What may work for one party might not work for another, so choose the party favour or bag to suit the event and not the other way around.

What To Put In Party Bags?

Now comes the fun part, what do you put in the party bags! If you’re after some top picks, then head over to our post on the best party favours. It’s packed full of some great ideas to inspire you for that next birthday party.

Here’s our general guide when it comes to what to put in party bags:

  1. Party themes: stick to the theme. Of course, if you want to steer a little that’s fine, but it’s always nice to keep to relevant to the party! Sticking to the theme, like Bluey, can help with this. Plus, it narrows down your choices when it comes to picking things to go inside, so this can be an added help.
  2. Pick one main gift: it can be tempting to go overboard on lots of little gifts the kids can enjoy. It’s often best to just stick to one main gift. You can give it alone as a party favour (as we explained above), or you can pop it into a bag with some other treats as well. You could choose a Paint Your Own mould with paints and a paintbrush, a themed sugar cookie, matchbox cars, a themed colouring in book, and so on.
  3. Go light on the lollies: sure, kids love the lollies, but no doubt they would have eaten a number of them at the party! Instead, it can be helpful to find some other party fillers to go with the main gift (see more on this below).
  4. Name them! This is the best way to ensure everyone gets one. It’s so hard to keep track of when they’re so many kids around. Plus, they end up placing the bags on the table and walking away and then not being able to find them. This is a much easier way to know who has their bag, and who has already left the party.

Party Bag Fillers

Once you have the main gift sorted, then you can have some fun with party bag fillers. These are those little items that simply fill up some of that space in the party bag! Here are some of our top picks:

As you can see, you have so many options. Of course, you can simply pick a main gift, throw in a lolly or two and be done with it. There’s no need to go overboard – especially when there’s a lot of kids involved.

But if you are looking for a non-lolly alternative, these are a great option. You can often buy them in bulk bags, which helps you save some money in the process.

Lolly Bags

Here’s another option. Lolly bags can be simply that – full of lollies! Don’t feel like you have to go to extremes to out-do the last party your child went to. Keep it simple.

As we mentioned in our tips above, you don’t want to go overboard with the lollies. Instead, opt for a few quality choices. If you ask us, less is more in this instance. It’s not about loading the kids up, but rather treating them.

If you go in with this in mind, parents will thank you for it!

Our Top Party Bag Ideas

On the hunt for some great party bags to fit your party theme? We have just what you need. Check out our top bigs for kids party bags below. Happy shopping!

Bluey Party Bags


Who doesn’t love Bluey! Whether you’re having a Bluey theme, or your children simply love the pooch, these arty bags are the perfect option for your little one.

They come in a 12 pack with two different designs: one has a blue background with Bluey and Bingo and the other has an orange background with the whole family (Mum & Dad too).

They also come with a cute little carry handle to make it nice and easy for kids to take with them after the party.  Fill it with delicious treats and toys and give kids a memorable party bag!

Check out latest prices here>>>


Mermaid Tail Party Bags


If you want to be a little bit different, you can turn the party bag into the actual gift as well! These gorgeous Mermaid Tail Party bags are also cute little bags that kids will love. Each one can be zipped up, and you can include a little lip gloss or some other girly item in there and you’re good to go!

They come in a fun range of colours and designs, so you can choose your favourite one, with 10 bags in each set.

Made from polyester fibre, they are non-toxic, durable and soft, with gorgeous sequins stuck all over them.

They fit beautifully with any mermaid, under water, or glitz party theme.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Superhero Party Bags

Another bag that guests will just love and keep! No waste here. These drawstring bags have so many uses, such as swimming bags, overnight bags, travel bags, sport bags and so much more. Kids will just love the fun Superhero designs.

These come in a pack of nine, with nine different designs (or superheroes) on them. From Iron Man, Batman, Captain America and Hulk, to Flash, Spiderman, Superman and more. Each bag is reinforced by black PU leather, to ensure it lasts the difference.

Even better, they are machine washable, which makes it ever easier to reuse again and again. You can give these bags on their own as a party favour, or fill them up with a couple of toys for a little bit more fun. They make the perfect option for any Superhero party!

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Harry Potter Party Bags

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Escape into the wizarding world with these funk party bags that will be the highlight of any birthday party. All four houses are featured: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, so make sure you choose wisely when labelling them for friends.

These eye-catching goodie bags come in a pack of 16, so there’s enough for everyone, and they are super stylish as well. The wizard robe design is nice and unique and will look great displayed at a Harry Potter birthday party.

They are black all over and come with convenient white carry handles to make it easier to hand out to guests. Stock them full of Harry Potter fun for a great party bag option for your kids.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Farm Animal Party Bags

If you’re after some party bags that will go with just about any theme, then check out these adorable farm yard party bags. What’s not to love!

They come in a pack of 18, with a chicken, cow, horse, sheep, pig and a barn on the front. So many cool designs to choose from, the kids will love them. Each on is made of durable and environment-friendly craft paper, which is strong enough to fill with whatever you like, while still being good for the environment.

They are the cutest little treat bags and are ideal for those younger years. Kids will love them no matter what the theme of the party.

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Frozen Party Bags

We couldn’t get through a list of our favourite party bags without throwing some Frozen ones into the mix! Such a popular party choice for little girls and these party bags are a great addition.

They come in a 12 pack, made from eco-friendly, wear-resistant paper that can also be reused. It means they’re strong enough to hold the party favours, without breaking! And the kids can use them again and again at home.

These adorable bags can be set up on the party table where they will add to the entire theme. Consider them some extra decorations for that Frozen party you have planned.

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Graffiti Arts Bags

Here’s a great idea – turn your party bags into an activity that all the kids can enjoy. You can set these canvas bags up at the party, with plenty of textas for kids to use on the table. Let them choose their favourite design and have some fun decorating it! Its the perfect way to keep them entertained at the party, and to take home a special gift they will love.

Children can paint or colour (depending on the type of mess you want to introduce) and simply leave them to dry while the rest of te party goes ahead.

You can then choose to fill them up with some lollies or a toy or two at the end of the part and you have your party bag complete. It’s simple, easy and lots of fun for kids.

They come in a 10 pack and are very durable, so will last for the kids.

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Rainbow Party Bags

If you’re looking for some party bags that can be used no matter the theme, then these rainbow party bags are a great choice.

They’re bright and colourful and will add a pop of colour to any event. Even better, they come with some gorgeous heart-shaped stickers that can be used to close the party bags and seal them in a cute and stylish way.

This set comes with 40 rainbow party bags, so you have plenty for all your guests.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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