Your Guide to the best Lego Party Supplies

Lego cutlery holders

LEGO is a timeless toy that makes for a perfect theme for kids’ birthdays at any age. This classic, besides being fun for all the family, is an extremely versatile theme. There’s LEGO for boys, for girls, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Super Mario… just to name a few. Looking for blocks party supplies for a creative birthday party? We’ve got your back with this handy guide to Lego party supplies.

Setting up your kid’s party is their dream, but we know it can become a tiring task for adults. In this article, we’ll present you a detailed range of LEGO and block supplies options and ideas that you can get inspired by, and buy with one click. We love LEGO, if you choose it as your party theme it’s guaranteed to be a success.

If you have already made your mind up about your LEGO party’s theme, you won’t need to go anywhere else to find all the decoration and utility items you need. From Lego napkins, to party foil balloons, to block party blowouts, in this article we’ll go through them one by one.

Disclaimer: This article on Lego party supplies contains an affiliate link that will have no added costs for you if you click through it. That being said, I would never recommend you something for the small commission I will be getting from it. I am recommending items I adore and love. Hope you like them too!


This super-popular toy has a very interesting history. It has been created in the 20th Century, in Denmark by Ole Kirk Christiansen, who then gradually developed the blocks to the plastic pieces we get nowadays at the shops. The name LEGO comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt” (“play well”).

LEGO had become a multinational company, their toys are available in almost every country in the world. They have even built LEGO-themed parks! The reason behind their success is the amazing creativity, and the great quality of their toys. As a parent in this generation, you have probably played with LEGO yourself.

With so many electronic devices around our kids all the time, it is important to have other options of interesting and entertaining things for the children to spend time on. The blocks are that type of option because they offer the players the opportunity to be creative, to think and to make a different construct at each play.

The new LEGO toys are even more creative and full of special pieces, which can be made into almost anything. In order to keep up with the ever-growing options in the market, LEGO has launched special editions of Star Wars themes blocks, as well as other special editions with famous themes that are attractive even for grown-ups.


Lego birthday set up

Alright, now that you have already picked the theme for the party, it’s time to start with the actual preparations. At this stage, you’ll want to have in mind how many people you’ll invite and how many will be coming so that you don’t buy too many things, or too less.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Organising a birthday party takes work, that’s why there are companies dedicated exclusively to this. Whatever your reason to prepare your children’s party yourself, we are here to help you.

In the following sections of this article, we’ll feature some of the most utilised Lego party supplies, including decorations and miscellaneous details which will give the party that wow statement. Again, these are some ideas that you can either follow or just get inspired by.

When it comes to a kid’s birthday party, there’s nothing that is absolutely necessary — besides the birthday cake. It is, however, important to think with a kid’s mind for a moment and try to remember how we used to be when we were children. Our little ones live in a world made of fantasy, something so simple as a colorful plastic figure well placed is enough to make them thrilled and happy.

As much as we recommend parents to have fantasy and imagination while pulling together a birthday party, we know you need to be practical and reasonable as well. That’s why we choose the most cost-efficient supply options we could find, so you can relax and choose what suits you best.


The standard Lego party supplies include balloons, a backdrop, scene setter, banners, the birthday cake table (if you choose to have one), a finger food table (perhaps), and a little more.

With the LEGO theme, you can either use the plain bricks and Minifigures, or you can elaborate more with a Star Wars LEGO, or a Super Mario LEGO Theme. With the LEGO Friends you have more than enough characters to choose for a girl’s birthday as well.

Here are some good ideas of how to bring your LEGO theme together starting with the item which can best represent your theme: the scene setter.

A scene-setter will give your kid’s birthday party a very customised style, no matter the venue you choose. This big, colourful and illustrated image has quite a special effect on the eyes of kids and adults.


Building Block Background

A great block party option we picked for you is this cloth backdrop that is colourful, big, and can be used for both girls and boys. The interesting thing about this item is that it is made of cloth, and it can be used as a table cover, a curtain… and the supplier guarantees it has no chemical smells.

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Lego Scene Setter

Have a look at this other scene setter option. It comes in two pieces, and is perfect for hanging by the door if you’re making a party at your apartment.

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Building Block Banner

Do you have some outdoor space or a yard that you’d like to decorate? This backdrop will fill up your outdoor space and bring your building block party theme to the next level. In this kit you’ll be getting a one piece 180cm cloth backdrop, plus 39 balloons divided in red, green, blue, yellow and confetti stamped one.

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Backdrop Set

Get everything you need to pull together the ultimate Lego party with this complete party set. It comes with 25 9-inch plates, 25 7-inch plates, 25 paper napkins, 25 paper cups, a banner and tablecloth. It’s a gerat disposable set that looks amazing and will also save you when it comes to clean up time.

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Banners are a great option for decorating a birthday party. They’re cheap, and the effect is beautiful and fun. You can either combine it with some balloons at the entrance of the venue, create a stunning balloon garland, set it up by the birthday cake table, or decorate a wall of your choice. Here are a couple of options of LEGO and building block banners you can buy. If you’re looking for the best party decorations, this is a great place to start.

Building Block Banners

With this colorful, three layered banner you’ll have a rich decoration that is going to fill the eyes of your guests. It is suited to both genders, and is made out of cardboard.

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Lego Bricks Banner

In case you’re looking for decoration to highlight your block theme, then this banner is exactly what you need. I comes with two pennant banners made out of board stock that you can hung anywhere in the space, even by the tables!

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Classic Lego Birthday Sign

This other block birthday banner is the classically styled one that can be used for both boys and girls. It is made out of heavy-duty card stock paper according to the supplier, something you want to consider in case you would like to be able to reuse it afterwards.

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Circus Balloon Garland

Are you in the mood to party? Of course, you are! This colourful latex balloon garland is for you. Have a wonderful birthday decoration with this 105-piece garland in plain red, blue, yellow and a pre-filled confetti balloon. It may take its time to set it up, but the effect is amazing.

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Rainbow Balloon Garland

This rainbow latex balloon garland is a very nice complement to your LEGO and blocks party theme. Just as the building bricks, it comes in all colours and will really brighten up the space.

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Building Block Hanging Swirl Decoration

Have a look at this colourful building block hanging swirl decoration set! You can hang it in the ceiling to create the sensation of being in a LEGO world. The colourful building blocks decorations kit contains a variety of colourful elements that are mainly red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

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Lego Party Kit

This kit comes with a very nice happy birthday block banner, a glittered block cake topper and 29 colourful and confetti balloons, all in just one pack.

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Block Decoration Kit

If you are looking to buy items that match you should have a look at this block decoration set. Besides a block-themed happy birthday banner, it contains one paper tassel set that gives a sort of classic effect, 8 cupcake block toppers, eighteen latex balloons with stamps and one happy birthday cake topper.

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The birthday cake is, without a doubt, the most important item in the whole birthday party. With these building block supplies, your birthday table is going to look customized, colourful and completely on-theme. Let’s go through it one by one and comment a little bit on how to set it up.

Lego Table Cover

This three-piece block table cover is made out of disposable plastic, and is perfect if you have prepared a table for the kids to sit down while they enjoy the birthday buffet. It’s also easy to clean.

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Brick Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcakes are a cute and delicious snack for a birthday party. With block stamped cupcake wrappers and toppers your table will look super colourful and rich. What you’ll get? 50 pieces of adorable block stamped card wrappers and toppers.

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Block-themed Spoons and Forks

Birthday party disposable cutlery has never been so cute as these block themed forks and spoons. You won’t even feel like throwing it away after the party is over. Must see!

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Building Block Candles

This 16-piece building block candle set is going to fill the birthday cake with colours and light. You can either use all the candles or save some for someone else, with this kit you’ll have plenty of LEGO inspired candles to adorn the cake.

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Party Table Kit

With this block birthday party table kit you can serve up to 16 guests. Even though these plates are of good quality, most people will end up throwing it away if you leave it by the table. Our tip is that you use the napkins for the finger foods, and save the hard cardboard plates for the birthday cake, so that you don’t need to buy tons of these expensive plates to be wasted away.

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Lego Party Set

Imagine hosting the perfect birthday party and seeing your loved one’s eyes light up as they walk into a beautifully decorated building block themed room. The highly detailed design of this birthday party set will make the kids feel like they are part of a building block land right inside your home. This brick party set includes all the essential party items, saving you time and money while birthday supply shopping. This set contains: 25 dinner and dessert plates, cups, plastic cutlery, napkins, 1 tablecloth, 12 wall signs and balloons. All components come neatly wrapped and take just a few minutes to set up.

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Lego Popcorn Boxes

Have you thought about serving popcorn as a snack? If you have not, with these block themed mini popcorn boxes you are going to! You can use these boxes not only for popcorn, but for any treat you like. These block themed, colourful boxes will bring your theme together at the snack table.

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The party bag is a detail kids enjoy very much. It’s a way to say thank you to your guests for coming to the party. You can make your party a special event by preparing an on-theme party bag with a surprise gift that can be anything you like. You can buy some themed gifts and regular caramels to create a kit with different little things and party favours that the kids will love to discover when they get home.

Block Party Bags

This is what the typical party bag looks like. This block themed paper party back comes in three different designs, in a total of 24 pieces with Thank You stickers that you can use to close the bags once it is filled up with goodies.

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Party Bags & Invitations

This block heavyweight card stock paper party bag with matte finish kit, not only offers you 24 bags, you’ll also be getting 24 block party invitation cards!

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Brick Slap Bracelet

Once you sort the party bag, you’ll need treats to fill it up with. It can be anything you like, not only themed things. Of course, you can also buy gifts related to your block themed birthday party for your guests to take the party home with them. These block stamped bracelets are a cute themed gift you can include in the party bag. It comes in 24 pieces, is made of PVC material and is sealed in the edges.

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Lego Glasses

These fancy LEGO-themed glasses will make for a fun favour to include in your child’s party bag. The pack comes with 9 glasses frames of various colours, and 12 packs of DIY building block accessories. These LEGO inspired glasses have an awesome design, it’s just like a baseplate, your kids can do unlimited creative designs on the glasses and wear them with their friends.

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Mini Block Animals

These mini blocks animals are actual toys that are going to be a lasting reminder of an awesome block themed party! In this set you are going to get 12 boxes with blocks to build different animals with LEGO-style blocks. This building blocks set is meant for building fine motor skills as well.

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Besides all the block-themed party supplies we have featured, there are still more options in the market to create a more customised and special party. Here are some extra items that will really complete your Lego party.

Lego Party Cups

Build block cup with a screw lid and a straw: these block brick cups are made in the shape of a building block, available in bright colours, cute and funny enough to draw children’s attention and win their hearts. Guaranteed to be a hit among kids at the party, plus they can take it home with them use it for school, for example.

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Building Block Party Signs


These directional signs for parties are made of quality card paper with protective film and are super fun. You will receive 20 pieces of party directional signs in 10 styles which you can use to create a game around it at some point in the party and gather the children’s attention. You can also use to signal and organise the venue in case you got a big space with different stations.

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Building Block Honeycomb Centerpieces

Another option for the main table would be to place a birthday table centrepiece arranged next to the birthday cake. If you have a food table where the guests go to help themselves throughout the party, you could also use it to decorate it. This LEGO-inspired centrepieces are made out of hard cardboard printed on both sides, which is a plus, and come in 9 pieces.

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Lego INspiration

Looking for a little inspiration to help you pull together the perfect Lego party? Check out these:


  1. Always start with a plan. Before buying supplies, take the time to visualize the party in your head since the beginning. Don’t start buying things randomly, there will be a high chance that you’ll make a mistake if you do that, trust us.
  2. Pick up a theme that your kid like. If you’re going to take the trouble to organize a birthday party, make it as special as you can. Even if you got a small toddler, try to pick up a theme that he or she is attracted to, it’s their party in the end of the day.
  3. Make a guest list before shopping. Before purchasing the supplies make sure you know how many people you want to invite and avoid being caught by surprise.
  4. Make an assessment in the venue before placing the decoration. Think carefully about how to use the space taking in consideration the space needed for the kids to move around.
  5. Plan games and fun time. Plan the party with a time to start and end, and organize at least one game to catch the children’s attention and keep them entertained.
  6. Don’t overcomplicate. Don’t try to do too many things, have some compassion for yourself and be practical. This article is here to help you.
  7. Take photos. Now that you created a beautiful party, take some good photos to keep this moment forever!
  8. Enjoy. Remember that the biggest gift you can give to your little ones is your joy, mainly when they’re still small. All the details won’t make any sense if you don’t get in the mood of the occasion and have fun.

We hope you’ll get some inspiration a absolutely fabulous LEGO birthday party with this article, and find all the supplies you need. With all the tips we prepared, we believe it will be success!


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