Taylor Swift Birthday Party

Taylor Swift birthday party

It’s no secret that the Swifites have taken over after the hype of the Eras Tour 2024. What could be better than throwing a Taylor Swift party and getting caught up in the hype of such an amazing star. The perfect theme! Mum, Dana, shows us how she pulled together this incredible Folklore Era party for her mini fan. Let’s dive in!

Planning this event was a huge focus for the six months leading up to the party – it certainly could not be considered a throw together party nor could I achieve it for the price I did if I didn’t forward plan everything.

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Taylor Swift Party Set Up

Taylor Swift birthday party set up

After considering the options of hiring or purchasing the tents, I opted for a teepee/tent-themed party and found that hiring the setup from Teepeezzz was both economical and convenient, particularly for those hosting parties on the Central Coast NSW.

Taylor Swift birthday party balloons

While Teepeezzz provided the tents, cushions, and additional decorations, I wanted to enhance the atmosphere further. I purchased two balloon garlands from Temu, which I found easy to inflate using an electric balloon pump from Spotlight. You can shop similar here.


I also utilised our Christmas lights to create a whimsical atmosphere reminiscent of Folklore Era by Taylor Swift. 

As someone who enjoys entertaining, I added timber serving trays and borrowed a drink dispenser from a friend to ensure every corner of the room was adorned with a touch of magic. The intimate setting lent itself well to creating a cozy atmosphere, which might have been challenging in a larger space.

Taylor Swift Party Activities

Dream catchers

Next on my agenda was planning activities to keep the guests engaged. Inspired by my daughter’s love for the Folklore album by Taylor Swift and her interest in astrology, I decided to incorporate craft activities centred around making dream catchers. 

Taking advantage of Temu’s launch discount, I purchased supplies such as hoops, feathers, lace, and twine to create the dream catchers. Additionally, we used an AI app to modify photos of the guests to match the boho theme, which added a personalised touch to their sleeping arrangements.

Anticipating that weaving entire dream catchers might be challenging for the young guests, I had prepared six unique dream catchers in advance over the months leading up to the party. On the day, I provided pre-cut lace in various colours for the girls to personalise their dream catchers, allowing them to express their individual styles. With my assistance, they attached feathers using microbeads (thank you Temu), and proudly hung their creations on their tents for the night, taking them home as keepsakes in the morning.

To add to the fun, we offered temporary hair extensions, obtained with parental permission, and purchased during the Temu sale, which the girls could bead into their hair in a variety of colours.
You can shop similar here.

Party Food Ideas

As for catering, we opted for a high tea style grazing afternoon tea with cakes and slices from Woolies and Aldi, complemented by fresh fruit and a non-alcoholic punch. Dinner consisted of pizza from Domino’s, with a birthday cake from the Cheesecake Shop adorned with a cake topper from my Temu haul. For breakfast, we indulged in waffles with assorted toppings, served in bed, adding to the overall charm of the morning.

Overall, it was a great party. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the setting was perfect for what we had. The party was cost effective due to the investment of time creating the activities and doing majority of the decorations myself.

Taylor Swift Cake

Taylor Swift birthday partycake

The cake was bought from the Cheesecake Shop with the Temu topper added. My daughter’s name is Eden. We call her E so she’s our Swift-E.

Party Bags

The girls were given their dreamcatchers to take home as part of their party box, as well as other goodies like satin robes, eye masks, headbands, and hair accessories, which sat outside their teepee to be enjoyed in the evening, before taking home with them.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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