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Baking and decorating your own cake for a child’s party is a big deal. There is nothing better than a homemade cake that has been lovingly put together by a close family member or friend. But there is one essential detail that many people forget when creating the cake. And that’s cake boards!

Somewhere to place that cake once it’s done, so it can be transported to the party and sit with pride at the centre of the party table.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right cake board for your needs and where you can shop them.

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What Are Cake Boards Made Of?

While there are some cake boards that are made from cardboard, this are usually very flimsy and should only be used for light cakes.

When you’re stacking cakes, you need something much firmer that can hold the weight. This is where masonite cake boards come in. These MDF cake boards are much more durable, mad of compressed wood fibres that can hold the weight of the heavier cakes.

If you’re planning to travel with the cake, then this is even more necessary. 

These boards typically come in gold or silver, which is the perfect complement to any cake, so you don’t even have to add to them in most cases.

cake boards

This silver cake board really stood out against the white cake.

Types Of Cake Boards

Cake boards come in a huge range of sizes and shapes to suit all your needs.

As soon as you know the type of cake you’re creating and what pan you’re using, you can go on the hunt.

The first choice you have to make is:

  1. Round cake board
  2. Square cake board

While this can be chosen based on the shape of the cake you’re baking, you can still choose differently.

For example, you could put together an artist cake with a more rounded design, but choose a square board to fit on some extra fairies to create the scene.  You can have some fun with your cake boards.

cake boards

Remember, the cake board is as much a part of your cake design as the cake is, so plan it out carefully.

Cake Board Sizes

The next thing you want to look at is what size cake board you’re after.

Once again, this comes down to personal preference. If you are planning on writing a child’s name or putting some other decorations on the cake board, then make sure you choose one that’s big enough to cater for this.

The amazing fairy cake is the perfect example!

The outside has been beautifully used, making the most of the cake board.

On the other hand, if you aren’t planning anything around it, go for a smaller board.

While this watercolour cake looks amazing, there’s a lot of wasted space around it, that would have looked better on a smaller board.

Covering Cake Boards With Fondant

One way to make your cake board blend in with the rest of the cake is to cover it with fondant, just like this Jurassic Park cake here.

Jurassic party cake cake boards

Coloring it the same green as the rest of the cake helps bring it all together.

So how do you go about covering your cake board with fondant?

You need to do it a few days before the board is needed for the cake. This gives it enough time to dry before the cake is put on top, so that it won’t get damaged in the process.

Grab some of your ganache, and spread a thin smear across the cake board to act as glue.

Roll out your fondant to a consistent thickness (around 2 mm). Make sure the space you roll out is bigger than the cake board. You can then sit the cake board on top and use a knife to cut the fondant to size. Pop the fondant on top and leave it there to dry.

Covering Cake Boards With Foil

Another option is to cover your cake board with foil, to create that metallic shiny finish.

It usually works best if you use a bit of glue on the bottom of the cake board to glue the foil in place.

Foil does break easily, so be gentle with this process.

You can also pop some clingwrap over the top to secure the foil in place, and also offer a different finish.

Cake Board Designs

Are you on the hunt for some fun cake board designs? Luckily, these days, there are plenty to choose from that will add to the look of your cake.

Here are some of the most popular to choose from:

Grass Cake Board

The grass cake board is a great one for so many different designs. For example, you could be putting together a fairy log cake like this one below. 

DIY Fairy Cake

The grass cake board is such a simple and easy way to enhance the entire cake.

White Cake Board

Whether you’re putting together a wedding cake, or simply want something that’s nice and simple, a white cake board is the perfect solution.

Sesame Street birthday

It looks adorable in this Sesame Street Cake, and makes the design pop!

Sprinkles Cake Board

Holding a Confetti Party? The sprinkles should be your go to. A sprinkles cake board is the perfect addition to many cakes.

Or, you could simply have some fun and pop the sprinkles on yourself! Though be warned, this could get very messy.

Cake Board Reviews

Looking for the perfect cake board for your next party? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite designs to help you out.

Happy hunting!

Mondo Grass Cake Boards

DIY fair cake hack cake boards

A grass cake board is perfect for so many different party themes. It’s one of the easiest ways to complement your cake, with very little effort involved. Here are some of the different themes you might choose a grass cake board for:

  • Fairy (See above)
  • Sport: soccer, football, cricket, etc/
  • Zoo
  • Jungle
  • Dinosaur

The 30cm size is fairly standard, so easy enough to work with a cake tin you probably already have at home. It is worth noting that this cake board is made from cardboard, so good for the lighter cakes!

Size: 30cm
Material: cardboard

Check out latest prices here>>>

Marble Cake Boards

This marble cake board is quite the statement and would make the perfect addition to a more sophisticated party theme. This could include:

  • Black and White
  • Champagne Birthday
  • All That Glitters

The board itself measure 25cm, but is made out of masonite. This means it’s is a sturdy option that is perfect for transporting both big and small cakes to a venue.

Size: 25cm
Material: Masonite

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Gold Floral Cake Boards

If you’re looking for a stylish finish to your cake, then this gold floral cake board is the perfect option. It features a very subtle pattern on top that well complement any elegant theme, from a wedding through to a 40th birthday party.

These cake boards are on the smaller size at 20cm and also are made of cardboard. They are best suited to smaller cakes that don’t have to be transported far.

Size: 20cm
Shape: round
Material: cardboard

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Black Marble Cake Boards

Another perfect choice for a more elegant party theme. This black marble cake board will stand out with any cake and can really draw the entire theme together. It is suited to:

  • Black and White
  • Gold
  • Masquerade

Made from masonite, this cake board is perfect for layered cakes and can be used over and over again for different parties!

Size: 20cm
Shape: round
Material: masonite

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Silver/Gold Cake Boards

When it comes to cake boards, sometimes the basics make the best options. These silver and gold (you can choose from either) masonite cake boards come in a huge range of different sizes, so you can find the best one to fit the cake you’re making.

They are extremely sturdy and can be used to transport the cake, or to hold heavier cakes as well.

Size: range of sizes
Shape: round
Material: masonite

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Rose Gold Cake Boards

These round cake boards are perfect for small cakes and cupcakes, or any other party food. This set comes in a pack of 12, so you can use them to bring a party theme together with different party foods, or save them for a whole new party.

They are made from quality cardboard, meaning they are fit for a range of different foods, but not for heavy cakes. The scalloped edges add the perfect finishing touch!

Size: 25 cm
Shape: round
Material: cardboard

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Wood Cake Stand

This wood cake stand comes both unpainted and unfinished, so you can use as is, or paint yourself.

It has little legs on the bottom, which give this cake board a little extra height, which works well on the party table to help the cake itself stand out.

The cake board can also be used to rest other things when it’s not needed. It’s the perfect table decoration all year long. It is 25 to 28 cm wide, which means it’s suited for smaller cakes, cupcakes, or bigger cakes.

Size: 25 to 28 cm
Shape: round
Material: wood

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Scalloped Square Cake Boards

If you’re after a square cake board, this gold one is the perfect fit. It comes with scalloped edges to add a touch of style, and is 30cm wide, which is nice and big for those cakes.

It is made from cardboard, which means it doesn’t offer the best support for stacked cakes, but also works well as a tray for cupcakes at your next party.

Size: 30 cm
Shape: square
Material: cardboard

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Wilton Black Cake Boards

Wilton is a well-known brand in the baking world, and one you know you can trust. Their black cake board is both stylish and functional. It comes in a pack of three, with three different designs etched onto each black background.

You can use all three at your next party, serving other food such as cupcakes, fairy bread or even meat pies and sausage rolls.

Size: 25 cm
Shape: round
Material: cardboard

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Rose Gold Cake Boards

Another rose gold cake board, but this time in a square design. This cake board is made from masonite and a huge 35cm wide. This means it can support heavy cakes, as well as layered cakes and can transport them to party venues if needed.

The simple design will complement a range of different party themes.

Size: 35 cm
Shape: square
Material: masonite

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Hobbyland Cake Boards

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a plain white cake board. Whether you’re planning on covering the cake board in fondant, as suggested above, or simply want a plain colour to complement your cake, this no-fuss white cake board is the perfect option.

It’s made from thick cardboard, which means it could carrier some of the heavier cakes as well.

Size: 17 cm
Shape: round
Material: cardboard

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