Cassie just loves drawing. We scrolled through Pinterest and looked through hundreds of cakes, but she had her heart set on an artist cake. It wasn’t quite in the tea party theme (her 5th birthday was a tea party), but it was exactly what she wanted, so I went with it.

art cake

I rolled out little squares of fondant and let Cassie (5) and her sister (3) paint on them with gel colours. They had so much fun with it. Once they were done, I popped little coloured frames around them and we left them to dry. We also sprinkled some edible glitter on top as we went.

I got baking. I used a big rectangular pan for this one. I drew an outline of the art board on baking paper and cut it out. I used this as a stencil for the cake. Once the artist cake was out of the over and cool, I placed the stencil on top and cut around it with a knife. I then layered with buttercream and fondant.

kids painting cake

Just for a bit more fun, we also let the kids colour all over the cake at the party. I set up four different gel colours for them to have some fun with. Each one got a paint brush and off they went. The kids loved this part!

If you’re looking for artist party inspiration, then check out Harper’s 5th Paint Party here!


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