Where to find the Best Construction Party Supplies

Construction theme party backdrop and table set up

One of the party themes that requires the least amount of effort yet looks wonderfully chic and modern is the construction party theme. If you are looking for a one and done kind of theme where there is no mistaking it, then this one’s definitely for you. Construction party supplies all across Australia are fairly common and you’re going to find stuff pretty easily and at pretty good prices too. 

Disclosure: I’d like to reiterate that there are a few affiliate links that I am going to be using in this article. That being said, I would never recommend something that I do not personally like and endorse to you guys. There is a small amount of the commission that I am going to get if you click on these affiliate links but that would never cloud my judgement.

Types of construction themes

The best part about a birthday party that is construction themed is the sheer versatility. You can amalgamate some of the really iconic childhood cartoons or simply go with a more general theme. Here are some types of construction themes that you can use. But wait up before you run off to Kmart like nobody’s business because we’ve linked some pretty cool stuff for you to go through. You can shop online from the comfort of your couch with some of these amazing party sets – everything you need in one!

Bob The Builder Theme


Remember the iconic childhood builder? Yep, we mean Bob The Builder. Now imagine your childhood dreams coming together with that of your kid’s. Sounds pretty cool, right? That’s exactly what this Bob The Builder inspired construction theme birthday party will look like. It will be that perfect mixture of tough and soft, the warmth of the colours will win any heart and the whole set-up will look like a dream in the pictures. Add to that, an uncle who can do an amazing Bob The Builder impression and you’ve got yourself one memorable party.

Check out the ultimate ‘Bob the Builder’ inspired party pack>>>

Yellow and Orange Construction Theme

When you think of construction, you think of these colours: orange, grey and black. It sounds kind of risky but it is so worth it in the end when everything comes together. A construction party does not necessarily have to be laced up with grey tar and cement only and that is why the orange and yellow detailing adds a much needed refresher to it.

Check out this yellow and orange construction theme set>>>

Blue and Yellow Crane Construction Party

So you want a construction-themed party with supplies that don’t look like graphite, asphalt, tar and cement? The added blue and yellow bring life back to your setup like you have never seen before. These slight details change your party outlook in the most amazing way. The cameras catch the gorgeous aqua tones so well and the yellow pairs up well with any other party favours and decors you are planning to use. This theme is perfect if you want to juice up a classic idea.

Check out this blue and yellow crane construction party set>>>

Construction Party Supply


The world is literally done with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse themed birthday party ideas. We need something new, we need something innovative. That is why this theme is going to do your birthday party some real good!

We know you are stressed out despite the fun that’s coming up so here is a way to let it out. Check out the FREE party planning checklist and save yourself a whole lot of time and energy. Wait up, we also have an amazing downloadable for you to tick off as you go. This birthday party checklist will lighten up all your party blues as well.

Construction Table Decorations

Table decorations can literally make or break a party theme. They can either be the absolute lifesavers of the whole thing or can be the worst possible distraction. We have put together some table decoration ideas that will not break the bank and will look super cute at your party.

Construction Dump Truck Centrepiece

This centrepiece set really adds character to your table decor at any birthday party where construction is king. It has several different styles of trucks: you have got the massive excavators, the huge mixing trucks and several other styles including bulldozers and dump trucks. This simple and easy DIY table decoration is going to make your party look effortlessly on point.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction and Roads Table Cover

There is no damage a good table cover can not resolve. This piece works both like a runner along with the table and on the table too, but you might just need to double it depending on your table size and coverage preferences. That being said, the black really makes all the table decor pop and it is so on theme with the construction birthday party setup that no one is going to mistake it for anything else. Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Theme Yard Sign

Stick it into the yard for an open air party or even in a flowerpot. This yard sign will really help amp up the look of your party by adding a simple yet special touch. It is pretty durable and can even be used again later on.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Party Backdrops

There is a whole tonne of variety with construction theme backgrounds if you are looking for them. You can go run off to amazon or the Big W for your construction supplies needs but we have consolidated all specific products like backdrops of four different kinds for you.

Roads and Machine Themed Backdrop

This is the quintessential, classic, evergreen kind of backdrop used in a construction birthday or a general party of the same theme. It is rich and vibrant, it gives off this really cool dense look and will make for a great theme unifying backdrop.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Land, Sky and Trucks Backdrop


If you don’t want the darksy dark theme and that is not your aesthetic, we get you, we support it. This backdrop uses a really bright colour palette that will not dull down the buzz of your party. Also, who doesn’t love a clean centre with detailing all around so that you shine in the very centre!

Check out latest prices here>>>

Under Construction Backdrop

The under construction backdrop for your birthday party is such an on theme backdrop, you can not really go wrong with it. It is unmistakably a heavy duty construction site replica where all you imagine is hard working builders at work and some big machines lifting, scrunching and mixing everything around them. Check out latest prices here>>>

Brick Detailing Backdrop

This one’s a perfect fit if you want to take a slightly different route from the regular construction backdrops. The brick detailing adds that rustic touch and juices the beaten up theme a whole lot.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Party Decorations

Construction party supplies all across Melbourne stores, and the rest of Australia, do not offer the stuff we have hunted down. Here is a list of all the amazing party decorations you absolutely, madly and most direly need for your construction themed party.

Construction Sign Picks

The construction picks may seem like a small detail but imagine picking up a party food and seeing your construction theme running through it. It’s a winner! These cute little picks make excellent sandwich and slider holders too. Check out latest prices>>>

Construction Sign Decorations


Need more signs all around to actually feel like a birthday party? These construction sign decorations are an excellent way to lead the guests to the party or general wall coverage.


Check out latest prices>>>

Bulldozer and Trucks Party Hangings

Streamers for a party were never this fun before. We found this really cool set of streamers or hangings,  whatever you’d like to call them, on amazon and it is an absolutely necessary decoration for a construction themed party. Usually no such decor on the ceiling and it looks pretty bland. Imagine the guests walking in and finding out the ceiling is one with the theme, just perfect!

Check out latest prices here>>>

Balloon Garland Kit

This balloon garland kit for your construction birthday party is the ultimate accessory you will need to amp up your surroundings. The vibrant colours just add fuel and fire to any party! Check out latest prices here>>>

Foil Balloon Set For A Construction Site


Foil balloons for a construction party are such a look. It is one of those seemingly expensive things that are actually super inexpensive. Most really fancy parties usually have some sort of foil balloon. The finishing of each balloon is gorgeous and would really make your area look like a million bucks.


Check out latest prices here>>>

I Am Digging Birthday Sign

The I am digging sign is such a smart touch. It steers away from the usual asphalt and concrete themed decor and just adds a slight pop of colour.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Cone Candles

Place these really cute construction cone-shaped candles here and there to just finish off the whole look. They are such a unifying element for your construction party. Their shape is closest to a real candle so you need not worry about access wax, they will melt pretty evenly.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Wooden Centrepiece

A wooden centrepiece just seals the deal to a good party, does it not? Now imagine that being perfect in sync with your theme. Yes, these really sturdy and beautifully coloured wooden centrepieces will make an excellent setup accessory for the table decorations at your construction birthday party.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Dump Truck Pinata

Do you know when a party is truly fun? When it has a pinata involved at some part of the time. Make your birthdays a whole memorable affair by adding this super on theme dump truck pinata. The vibrantly coloured pinata is an addition you’ll definitely want around. Fill it up with all the candies of the kids’ dreams and you have yourself a star element of the party.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props for a construction themed party? Yes, please! We’ll take one of those! Can’t find construction themed photo booth props at the Big W or Kmart? We have got you! These photo props have a lot of pieces so you will not be struggling to find one for each guest at your construction birthday party. They are propped up on sticks to make them super comfortable to hold and easy to work with. The shapes and sizes are generically cut and fit well and would make one of the best party decorations for your big party.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Party Favours

Of course, you are going to need party bags for the amazing construction party that you are throwing. Here are a few suggestions for the kind of party favours you can grab pretty easily for your construction party supplies from the links provided below:

Helmet Party Favour Set

This helmet and party favour bag set is a wonderful purchase when it comes to the construction theme. Just fill the bag up with any candy and you are good to go. The tote style bags are cute and easy to hold because of their fun size, while the hats will have all the kids at the birthday party jumping for joy when they get to dress up as actual construction workers.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Themed Keychains

If you are looking for something to fill those party favour bags up with, this is a great and on point choice. Kids can attach them to their backpacks for school or daycare, and make a fun statement!

Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Themed Stampers For Kids

Another really cool thing to add to any construction party favour bag is these stampers. They have got so many great images of construction machinery on them and would make wonderful party favours.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Party Accessories 

We soared through pages over pages to get you these really cool construction themed accessories.

Jackets and Helmets For Guests

This jacket and hat make the perfect dress-up option for your party, and all the pictures would come out super adorable! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love the cutest construction crew at a birthday party?


Check out latest prices>>>

Workaholic Wrist Bands


These wrist bands could easily work as a party favour or even as prizes for any construction party games you have going. There are so many uses for these bands, but no matter what, they are plenty of fun!


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Theme Cake

Cakes and cupcakes have to be the life of any party and if you are looking to gel your cake in with your construction theme then this is the place to be. It’s amazing how you can bring together any theme with a simple cake topper. Here are our favourite picks!

Black Construction Themed Cake Topper

A construction-themed birthday party is nothing without a showstopping cake and these cake toppers will do exactly that. They can turn a plain vanilla cake into something so on theme people will ask you where you got yours made from. Add these toppers right away to your shopping list of all the supplies you need for the construction party.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Cupcake Toppers 

Don’t want a cake and prefer to have cupcakes instead? We have got just the thing for you. These cupcake toppers will lighten up any cupcakes at your party. No need to mess around with buttercream colouring, just add these toppers and see the magic happen: everything in sync with your construction theme!

Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Party Food

Usually, party food is the neglected section when it comes to following up on a theme, but it makes such a huge difference. We understand that party food is hard to put into the rightly themed plates and glasses so we have got you covered over it.

Worker Boys Plates, Napkins, Spoons and Forks


This adorable worker boys set has a whole lot of pieces, so you are never going short on plates, napkins, forks or spoons. It is an item on the construction party supplies list that you can’t ignore. It comes with a unified design all across all the pieces and your construction theme will really pop up with these on the food table.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Shovel Dessert Spoon

Want some extra detailing when the cake is served? Go for these shovel dessert spoons, because what says construction-themed birthday party better than shovel spoons?!


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Tumbler Cups

Plain red or white tumbler cups just don’t do it on a construction party, they have to be one with the theme. This is why these really cool aqua blue tumbler cups are a refreshing choice to spice up your theme a little.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Party Outfit

When you are done with a whole lot of construction supplies shopping, it is time to focus on the outfit. The outfit really matters because it will have the party person standing out from the crowd and ready to celebrate!

Yellow Tractor Detail Construction Worker Outfit

This outfit with the tractor detailing is such a chic and on-theme choice for a construction birthday party. The outfit can be worn on top of any comfortable clothing as it is a rider suit with a tractor attachment. It is easy to put on and off and even easier to handle and wash.


Check out latest prices here>>>

Builder Boy Outfit

This outfit comes with a classic orange vest and a yellow builder safety hat. It is a great choice if you want to keep your look simple and chic yet very much construction themed.

Check out latest prices here>>>

Construction Party Inspiration

Once you have DIYed something, there is really no going back. Yes, we know it is a hard task to think of DIYing a whole construction party but you can totally take inspiration from our community who has done it all and seen it all. Do check out the links given below to get a spark of inspiration before you start off with your very own DIY Construction Themed Party! 

Tips and Tricks For The Greatest Party Ever

Theme First

Picking a theme for your party may seem like a really hard thing, but it is actually one of the very first things that you need to think about. It’s always fun to pick a theme your child knows well to make the day even more special in the process.

Space and Area

Some of the themes need an outdoor setting while some work really well in an indoor setting. It is always a great idea to keep in mind your theme and compare it to the space and area that you have at hand. 

Shop Before You Start

Shopping is an absolutely necessary step before you start to actually set up a party. This should be your starting point to bring together any theme.

Inspiration Hunting

Finding parties that others have done with your theme is the best inspiration there is! Our site aims to offer you everything you need to create a fun and amazing party.

Photos Are Everything

A good party is just as good as the photographs taken during it. Because in the end all you have those photographs and some amazing memories that were captured in those photographs.  So keep an open heart and take lots and lots of wonderfully happy photographs.

Don’t Forget– Fun

Lastly, a little fun never hurts anybody. Loosen up, ease up, let go and breathe. It is alright if a few things don’t go according to plan, they make the best stories. Remember, you are there to have fun too! 

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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