Your Guide To The Best Party Backdrops

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Hosting a birthday party can be a lot of fun. You get to choose a theme that works for you and then get creative. Whether it’s a kids’ birthday party, an adults’ birthday party or a baby shower, a party backdrop is the perfect way to bring the whole event together. Here’s your guide to the best party backdrops.

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Birthday Party Backdrops

Depending where you shop, a party backdrop doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can even go to sites like Zazzle and create your own party backdrop and have it printed. It’s entirely up to you. So when is a party backdrop used?

A party wall backdrop is most commonly used behind the main party table. That good old table where you have all the party food set up for kids and adults to munch away at and enjoy. It’s the perfect place to get lots of photos with the birthday child and their friends. Check out the eye-catching backdrop used at this Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday.

If you’re using the party backdrop for an adult birthday, then it’s best to pick a feature wall for the event. You can even bring in a few props for the occasion, to encourage people to pose in front of the wall and to add that element of fun to the occasion.

If you’re looking for the best party backdrops Australia, we have you sorted. We have gone through some of our most popular themes, to bring you the perfect party backdrops that can be used for all occasions. Happy shopping!

AIKES Unicorn Birthday Party Backdrop

Are you looking for a great backdrop for your little girl’s upcoming party? You should check out and buy AIKEs Unicorn-themed party backdrop. This backdrop is not only perfect for birthday parties, you can use it during dedications, baby showers, and holiday parties. You can also use it as wall decorations, as backdrops for photography or video shoots, like a curtain, tablecloth, etc. It’s one of the cutest party backdrops!

This cute unicorn and floral backdrop are realistic, strong, and durable because it is made from a high-quality Thin Vinyl material. Its size is around 7 x 5ft (2.1 x 1.5m) making it lightweight, easy to carry and store. This backdrop is seamless since it is in one piece, it has no pockets on top and no support stand. This backdrop cannot be washed, use a wet cloth to clean it up. It also does not fade unless you expose it to direct sunlight.

If you are looking for the perfect backdrop that your kids will love you should get this, especially if your little one is fond of unicorns and flowers. See the ultimate guide to unicorn party supplies.

Size: 7 x 5ft (2.1 x 1.5m)
Material: Thin Vinyl
Style: Unicorn Flowers, And Roses

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Mocsicka Safari Wild One Backdrop

Are you celebrating your little boy or girl’s first birthday? Haven’t decided yet on what will be your theme? You might want to consider going for a safari or jungle theme, I have the perfect party backdrop recommendation for you.  This is Mocsicka’s Safari Wild One backdrop which is ideal if your kid is celebrating his first birthday. Aside from using it as a backdrop for birthday parties, you can also use it for: baby showers, newborn and product shoots, artistic portraits, video and photo shoots.

Mocsicka’s Safari Wild One backdrop is printed using a series of high-quality digital computers and equipment. It has tens of thousands of realistic patterns and it has no color fidelity and it’s not reflective. This backdrop is lightweight and it weighs 0.3 kilograms and has a size of 7 x 5ft. It is made of vinyl quality which makes the backdrop high quality. This safari and jungle-inspired 1st birthday party background are thin but durable.

When you order it, the item is sent folded which may result in creasing. To remove the crease, simply roll it up tightly with a cylinder and wait for 2 to 4 days and the wrinkles are almost gone. You can also remove the crease by stretching all sides evenly. You can use backdrop click, clamps, and stands for this method. Lastly, you can also iron the back surface with steam iron but not with a dry iron. Iron it using low heat and the crease will be gone.

If you need studio backdrops, stage/ event backgrounds, or party backgrounds this is a great option you can consider.

Size: 7 x 5ft (220 x 150cm)”
Material: Vinyl Cloth
Style: Safari, Jungle

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Cocomelon Backdrop

Are you looking for a fun, colourful, eye-catching cartoon backdrop for your child’s birthday party?

Your kid will love this Cocomelon Backdrop. This Cocomelon backdrop comes in a fun colour and design choice. Cocomelon backdrops can also be used for newborn pictorials, birthday parties, baby showers, product photography, wall decorations, festivals, artistic portraits, etc.

This cute and colourful cartoon backdrop is made of high-quality plastic which makes it strong and durable. It is seamless and has no wrinkles. Because of its material the colour appears to be more vibrant and non-reflective. It is 5 x 4 feet. Setting up and carrying the backdrop will not be a problem. You can easily store this for future use as well. If you are planning to use this many times, you just need to iron and wash it. This is one of our favourite birthday party backdrops. Little kids will love it.

The backdrop is sent folded, so crease may be visible. Here are some tips on how you can remove it. You can use an iron and press the back of the backdrop. You can also roll it up tightly with a cylinder and wait for 3 to 4 days until the crease is invisible.

This Cocomelon backdrop for birthday parties is always carefully printed and made with a special theme and design that your kids will love. So, if you are looking for Cocomelon backdrops for your children’s birthday party, you should buy this one.

Size: 5 x 4 ft
Material: Plastic
Style: Cocomelon

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Superhero Cityscape Photography Backdrop

Do you have a birthday party, costume party, or photoshoot coming? And you are looking for the perfect backdrop, props, and masks that you can use. Then, you should buy Glittery Garden’s Superhero Cityscape photography backdrop, props, flags, and masks. It is great for photo booth backgrounds – ideal for birthday parties and event decorations. Not only that, you can use it as a wallpaper, curtain, tablecloth, photoshoot backdrops, for your kid’s playroom, and any other event.

Glittery Garden’s superhero theme party supplies offer a fun and entertaining vibe to any occasion. It’s also suitable for dress-ups, Hollywood, Halloween, and Superhero-theme parties. Your party will be a hit and this will liven up your celebration. Your kids and guests will enjoy this superhero extravaganza. When they walk into the venue they can see a big party photo booth backdrop with studio props, flags, and masks that they can use. They’ll enjoy striking a pose as if they are true superheroes.

This set comes with a vibrant silk-screen non-glare printing backdrop made from 100% knitted polyester fabric. This fun and unique wall tapestry highlight the long-lasting and vibrant colors of the background from digital printing.


The set also includes four (4) pieces of studio props made from laminated card stock. Each prop measure approximately 8 x 11 inches. It also has eight (8) superhero masks made from the same material. Twelve (12) double-sided printed flags which measure 5.1 x 6.3 inches and 8.5 ft ribbon for the hanging flags are included. It comes with four (4) pieces of flat surface wooden sticks and double-sided sticky pads, cut to size for the word props. Acrylic adhesive tapes are also included, this will help you mount the backdrop.

If you are looking for a better way to celebrate your children’s special day with style, you should get this superhero-themed set.

Size: 4.5 x 6.1ft
Material: 100% Knitted Polyester
Style: Superhero Cityscape

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Frozen 2 Vinyl Party Backdrop

If your kids love Disney characters especially Frozen 2, this ZLHCGD Frozen 2 Vinyl Party Backdrop is a great choice for your children’s party. This party backdrop decoration is not only ideal for birthday parties but you can also use it for your club, studio, home, or event photography.

This Frozen 2 themed background is a great work of art, it is a versatile, beautiful backdrop that is made from premium quality chemical vinyl material. This digitally printed background has rich patterns, vibrant and bright colours. It is clear, non-glare, and provides realistic detail. It is also durable, strong, and long-lasting. The backdrop is easy to handle and lightweight. Its size is 5 x 7ft (vertical) and 7 x 5ft (horizontal). Since this backdrop high-quality and high-resolution it does not fade easily. To clean it, you simply wipe it with water. Just take note that this backdrop is not waterproof.

If you want your children to feel like their part of Frozen 2, you should get this backdrop. They will love to have their own frozen magical experience on their special day or event. This has the be one of the most popular party backdrops out there.

Size: 7x 5ft
Material: Chemical Vinyl Material
Style: Cartoon, Frozen 2

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MC Vinyl Moana Beach Theme Party Backdrop

Are you having a beach-themed party for your little one? You should try getting MC’s Moana beach theme backdrop. This party backdrop will truly transport your kids and guests to Moana and Maui’s beach adventure.

It is made from high-quality thin vinyl material. This type of cloth is used for professional photography. It is computer-printed and the design is very clear and vibrant in colour. You can use it in various situations whether for private or professional photography. It’s lightweight, durable, and you can easily hang it up. You can use it for various instances such as birthdays, activities, get-togethers, and any event. You can also use it as a party decoration or for a photography background.

This backdrop is a great choice especially if you have kids who are fond of the beach and the movie Moana.

Size: 7x 5ft (210 cm x 150 cm)
Material: Thin Vinyl
Style: Cartoon, Moana

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RUINI Cartoon Lion King Themed Backdrop

Another jungle-themed party backdrop you can consider is RUINI’s Lion King-themed background. This thin vinyl cloth backdrop is RUINI’s greatest and latest computer-printed wrinkle-free fleece-like fabric background. Since it is made from lightweight fabric it makes the design and prints more vivid in colour and more realistic. The design and print will not fade easily, but please take note that the backdrop is not waterproof. The rose gold colour is so easy to work in to a party theme.

This safari and jungle theme party and photography background are perfect for outdoor shoots, event parties, birthday parties, festivals, etc. It can be used as a versatile backdrop for your event, home photoshoot, studio or club event, etc.

Your children will love this Lion King-inspired backdrop!

Size: 5x 3ft (1.5 m x 0.9 m)
Material: Thin Vinyl Plastic
Style: Cartoon, Lion King

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Toy Story Themed Party Backdrop

If you are looking for another cartoon-inspired party backdrop the brand ZLHCGD got you covered. They have this Toy Story backdrop that your children would love. This will be a hit especially if your kids can’t get enough of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang.

This type of backdrop can be used for various situations such as party backdrops, wall decorations, tablecloths, photography, or video background. You can also use this for various occasions like birthdays, events, photoshoots, etc.

The backdrop itself is made from high-quality vinyl material. This digitally printed background is bright and vibrant, making it look nice and realistic. It is also lightweight and easy to transport. It is also lightweight and easy to transport.

If your kids and guests are fond of the famous Toy Story movie, you should consider getting this party backdrop.

Size: 7x 5ft
Material: Chemical Vinyl Material
Style: Cartoon, Toy Story

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Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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