The Best Unicorn Party Supplies & Decorations

Unicorn party theme cupcakes on a table

Unicorn themed birthdays are the dream birthday set up for so many young kids around the world. If you are looking for everything unicorn related, you are in the right place. Are you ready to have the greatest party of your life? Full with the whole planning, setup and products you can ACTUALLY use? Yep… I have got you. It’s time to find the best unicorn party supplies.

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything and anything you need to know for a unicorn birthday theme and the best party decorations.

Disclaimer: This article about unicorn themed party decorations contains an affiliate link that will have no added costs for you if you click through it. That being said, I would never recommend you something for the small commission I will be getting from it. I am recommending items I adore and love. Hope you like them too!   

Unicorn Themes

There are several cutesy unicorn birthday and party themes to look into if you want that stroke of inspiration.

Glitter and Sparkle Unicorn Theme

A glitter and sparkle theme is always such a hit when it comes to parties of all kinds. For your unicorn theme, go full-blown glitter crazy and use some really cool glittery finish colours to complement the garlands, plates, balloons, and paper fans.

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Shimmer and Confetti Theme

Shimmer and confetti are like best friends with all things unicorn. You can’t go wrong going with this theme. Choose beautiful soft pastels and roll with them. Add in small detailing with foil balloons, some gorgeous hangings, and there you have it, a masterpiece.

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Rainbow Unicorn Theme

The rainbow unicorn connection is undeniable. It just works so well with the festive feel of the party that you’ll never regret taking this route. Couple all things pastel and warm with all things rainbow and the beautiful concoction is going to be a rainbow-themed unicorn party as you’ve never seen before.

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Retro Unicorn Theme

Tired of the usual colour schemes? Try something blue, grey, and black undertones to complement the happy colours of your unicorn theme. A retro unicorn theme is all you need to juice up repetitive colour palettes!

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Unicorn Party Supplies

A good party is nothing without some really cool party supplies that just make the moment so worth it! Unicorn party supplies are fairly easy to find if you know what you are looking for. You will find lots of stuff related to unicorn themed party decor if you look at unicorn party supplies on Amazon, Target or even Kmart. It is does involve a whole lot of research, which is why it helps to be prepared and know exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve got the solution to your unicorn party troubles: DIY Party Central gives you the freedom to plan and chalk out the whole event while we take care of the nitty-gritty stuff. We make sure your headspace is free of order followups and colour matches with our free party planner plan to see all that you need to throw the most amazing unicorn themed birthday party ever!

Unicorn Table Decorations

One thing is for sure that table decor changes the whole game for your party decoration. Table decor is like that slight extra detailing that just juices up the whole look so much. Table decorations can range from ornaments you place on the table to actual dangling stuff that will give that extra edge to your table. There are some really cool magical unicorn party setup sets that you can find in abundance on amazon or even in the target party section. 

The Pastel Unicorn Fantasy

A pastel unicorn fantasy will carry all unicorn decorations in classic pastel colours. Keeping in check colours like light blue, baby pink, canary yellow and accents of gold will get you the perfect mix with all unicorn party decorations of the same tones. This really cool 16 person set is a bang for your buck, allowing you to nail the “pastelness” of this type of table decor.

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Unicorn Honeycomb Centerpieces

The Unicorn centrepiece is such a classic one. Unicorns are associated with grandness like nobody’s business. This really cool centrepiece will catch all the right attention with its so intricately detailed honeycomb bottom and absolutely over the top extravagance!

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Unicorn Paper Lanterns


You really want a headturner sitting gorgeously on your table. Unicorn paper lanterns are such a chic and affordable option to add to your table decorations to finish them off with that x-factor!

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Unicorn Party Backdrops

A backdrop is like the unifying finishing touch that all parties really need. It is usually just the last tying up element of the theme. Your unicorn birthday party supplies are incomplete without the perfect backdrop. Usually, designing and flex printing is a whole new deal of work but when you opt for premade backdrops, life becomes just a little bit easier.

Rainbow Unicorn Backdrop

When it comes to unicorn party supplies, you can’t go past a great backdrop. Remember the Snapchat filters with rainbows shooting out of unicorn mouths? Rainbow and unicorns have been together since the very beginning. An ideal party backdrop would look amazing with rainbows mixed up with unicorns forever and always.

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Magical Glitter Unicorn Backdrop

A unicorn sparkle party is the way to go if you are looking to set a glittery, glossy, and sparkly party theme. It includes a whole lot of shiny sparkling party decor to complement this eye-catching backdrop that everyone will love!

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Unicorn In The Clouds Backdrop

Nothing quite says unicorns like clouds, soft tones, and a whole unicorn in the middle. You should totally opt for the golden horn centre picture to give it a finishing touch that truly stands out.

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Pink Unicorn Rainbow Backdrop

There is no questioning the supremacy of pink when it comes to unicorns. The universality of pink never ceases to amaze. The pink backdrop would work for an excellent back colour for pictures as well as complementing the theme like a boss.

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Unicorn Party Decorations

Party decorations can be the slightest smallest thing and the biggest elements of any themed party. Even a string of unicorn foil balloons can make the grandest of differences to your party setup. This is an often ignored and almost underrated aspect of any jazzy party! You can take the DIY route and create your very own stunning balloon garland, with the help of some of these amazing sets. We also have plenty of other unicorn party supplies for you to brighten up your space.

Unicorn Foil Balloons

Say yes, please to these unicorn foil balloons. They may come off as a small party decoration but are truly game changers because of how good they look around all backdrops, pastel or otherwise.

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Unicorn Confetti 

Confetti is happiness in paper form. It is a really good and super affordable choice for your unicorn party decorations. It comes in the signature colours you can use for the theme and would make your pictures pop at the very right moments.

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Unicorn Foil Tinsel Curtain

These foil finish tinsel curtains will complete your party look. They are also excellent to cover up any stains and marks you don’t want showing up in the background, or to go over a door to make a grand entrance! They can also simply be used as a flowy, cool backdrop accessory.

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Unicorn Balloon and Arch Garland Kit

Unicorn-themed balloons are a must for parties that actually want to be memorable. These balloons with the arch are a perfect way to give your unicorn birthday a whimsical, fantastical look. You will look like you got party decorators straight from fairyland itself.

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Unicorn Hanging Swirl Decorations

These swirly decorations may look like they are small, but the impact they have is pretty big! They give your setup such a glorious touch and make all the pictures pop out. They can be used in soft focus pictures to add that extra professional touch too.

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Photo Props

Need an instant fix up in any photo, add photo props. These high-rated photo props work wonderfully on most face shapes and sizes. The colours are universally flattering and the gold accents here and there work in everybody’s favour.

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Unicorn Party Favours

Party favours are such a significant way to make your party memorable. Those mementoes stay with the guests for years and even decades. They are really easy to make and you usually can put almost anything in a good unicorn themed bag. Unicorn party favours aren’t very hard to find since the theme has picked up fire post the 90s and everyone needs to have one unicorn birthday party in their lifetime. 

The fun part about the party bags is how they enhance your decoration while being a giveaway as well. So if you ask us, it is a double win. Create the perfect favours with these unicorn party supplies.

Unicorn Party Favours Bag

What’s a party without favours, right? Here are some really cool and really cheap party favour bags. They are spacious enough but not too big so that you would need to keep on stuffing them. They are just the perfect size and fit. Also, cutest centre images ever!

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Unicorn Party Favour Supplies

Those prepacked party favour supplies will save you so much trouble. Pop open a packet and fill up oh so many bags in a jiffy. They come with a lot of items so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the bags.

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Multicolour Retractable Unicorn Pens Party Favours

Can’t find anything to put in the goodie bags? Here’s an idea: cute stationery will forever be a good choice. These retractable unicorn pens will make an amazing party favour that might be put to some good use. Parents will thank you for this one!

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Mini Unicorn Notebooks Party Favours

Notebooks. Are. A. Great. Party Favour. Mini unicorn notebooks are the best! Period. They come in a range of designs and each one is cuter than the other. You are going to be spoiled for choice!

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Unicorn Outfits

You cannot have a unicorn party without the showstopping dress, it just has to be there. The birthday child has to wear a unicorn-themed dress too and it has to be absolutely bomb…. End of story! But the money bit here might break a few banks here and there so we have jotted down some really cheap but cute unicorn outfits that will surely outdo your party decorations in the best way possible.

Princess of Unicorns Maxi Dress

This gorgeous layered maxi dress will stand out at the party and the wearer is sure to feel like a true unicorn princess. The dress comes with a full headband accessory which will really complete the whole look.

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LED Tutu Unicorn Dress

This dress is lit. literally, it is lit up with LEDs, and just imagine the pictures with the lights turned off. The wearer is going to look like fairy lights themselves!

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Sequin Unicorn Lighted Dress

Admit it, tulle reigns supreme when it comes to party dresses. This sequined dress is another version of the LED one with a slightly different colour palette. It would catch in all the light with the magnificent sequins sprinkled like stars on the whole dress.

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The Onesie

Throwing a party for a boy (or girl) who doesn’t want to wear a dress? Understandable. This Onesie is the perfect choice for an outfit if that’s the case! It is comfortable, super cute, and just look at the detailing on the head.

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Unicorn Accessories

Imagine a unicorn necklace with a dangling bracelet, heads are going to turn, people are going to yearn and the birthday child is going to feel like a true queen or king! Accessories will amp up your unicorn party decorations by a million. It is a simple touch but it adds so much character to the event you will be amazed.

8 Pc Unicorn Jewellery Set

What better pairing with a perfect unicorn dress than some unicorn jewellery and bag? This 8 pc set is a perfect fit if you really want the birthday girl to live the fantasy. It comes with earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a bag!

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Unicorn Bracelets

Don’t need a full-blown jewellery moment? These adorable and comfortable bracelets may be your way to go!. The coloured beads and dangling charm add such a cute finishing touch to each of them.

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Unicorn Cake

Unicorn party food is fairly easy to gather since we are aiming for all things of the happiest colours with a tinge of creamy white packaging in there to just hit the rightest spot. You will find a whole lot of range of things when you think of getting unicorn cake toppers or a unicorn themed cake. Here are a few inspiration pictures that are surely going to help you brainstorm your cake ideas. There are many ways you can make a unicorn cake. You can take it the classical golden horn way, a full dancing unicorn one, or even a rainbow and unicorn mish mash. 

Handmade Rainbow Horn Unicorn Cake Topper

Unicorn Cake Topper Kit Cloud Rainbow

Unicorn and Girl Figurine Mini Resin Unicorn Cake Topper 

More Unicorn Party Food

Unicorn cupcake stands and cake boards are all the rage around town these days too. Amazon unicorn party decorations are usually all loaded with serving options for your unicorn fantasy.

Unicorn Cupcake Stand

A cupcake stand that mirrors the theme is such an awe inspirer at any party. Get yourself a cutesy little cupcake stand that would even make basic cupcakes look like they were sent from unicorn heaven.

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Unicorn Cake Stand

The cake is often the centrepiece of the party. This cake stand is the perfect way to show off your marvellous creation and will really add to the party fun!

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Unicorn Themes Party Inspirations

Okay, we don’t know about you but we are psyched! We are rooting for you to make the grandest, greatest unicorn themed birthday party and we are hoping this wild ride throughout the whole planning process has helped you navigate through the world of unicorn party decor. It is also super cool if you can find inspiration from the amazing DIY community to just give you that lasting touch of inspiration and vision! Good luck!

Here’s a few to get you started:

Tips and Tricks For The Best Party Hosting

With great parties come great responsibilities! Here are some amazing tips and tricks if you want to make the most memorable memories for your guests:

Planning makes it perfect

Planning makes the best parties, there is absolutely no denying that. Whenever you set out to throw a party, even if it is not a unicorn themed party, it is super important to just jot down and chalk out the important aspects. Things to do, a shopping list, brainstorming, and the scrapbooking of ideas really help set your mood and pace.

Photos are life

Photos are the life of any party so you want to be paying attention to that part especially. People want to be remembered, they want memories and there is no better way than having a cute little corner with props just for that very experience for all of the guests to live through, enjoy and take with them a piece of.

Budget is God

Most parties are defined completely by the kind of investment we put in them. That being said, it does not mean that a lesser budget will not get you a great party. Hang in there, follow up on the sales, do your shopping smartly, be frugal as you can. It’s a hard feat but not an impossible one. 

Shop like a mad person

Once you have gone through the planning phase, what comes after is fairly simple. Shop in advance, shop beforehand, avoid any last-minute impulsive purchases because it directly affects your budget as well. 

Narrow down your theme

If we are doing a unicorn themed party, we have got our key theme sorted but if you are going to do a fairy wonderland with a forest, unicorns, leprechauns, and barbie fairies, it is going to be a handful. Narrowing down your theme really helps. 

Inspiration hunting is real

Inspiration is everything. Give yourself time to absorb an idea, take it in, breathe it out, sleep on it and come up with your best interpretation. The internet is full of inspiration boards, charts, and graphic organisers that really help clarify and refine your ideas into actual successful parties. 

Don’t forget to have fun

Lastly, in all of your toil and trouble, don’t forget to live a little, breathe, laugh, smile, and just live. Loosen up, it’s a party and you are going to do great with it! 

We wish you all the best with your party planning and decorations. You are going to ace it, we have faith in you. For more information, contact us at [email protected]


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