Everything You Need To Know About Picking The Best Cake Toppers

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When it comes to putting together the perfect cake, whether for a birthday or special event such as a wedding, choosing the right cake toppers is the way to add the perfect finishing touch. We take you through everything to look for on your hunt, along with some of our top picks ready to “wow” on that big day.

Celebrations of any kind are exciting and deserve to be recognised, no matter how big or small. And naturally, the number one thing on any to do list is the cake! This fabulous guide to cake toppers will help your create the ideal centrepiece for any occasion that you can cherish for years to come.

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Best Cake Toppers

Whether you choose to make the cake yourself, ask for help from a loving friend, or outsource it altogether, once it has been decorated to your liking, the perfect cake topper will pull the whole cake together and add that much-needed wow factor! Let’s face it, the cake is the centre of any party. We all crowd around the cake to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the party person. At a wedding, we all watch the loving couple cut into their cake as they celebrate their new life together.

You want the cake to be special. A cake topper is the perfect way to achieve this. And with so many amazing choices out there for you, it’s easy to find just what you need.


Cake toppers come in a whole range of different materials. Choosing the right one for you will depend on the look you’re going for, and what sort of cake it’s going on top of. You want to find a cake topper that fits in perfectly with your theme and your celebration. Here are some of the different types to take a look at.

Acrylic Cake Toppers

These are one of the most popular choices on the market at the moment. They can be transparent or solid colour and many can be cut to order. These means you get a lot more flexibility on the design choices.

These type of cake toppers are usually custom made and they aren’t biodegradable.

Edible Cake Toppers

What better way to celebrate a birthday or wedding than with an edible cake topper! These are generally made from fondant and then left to dry out for a day or two until they become nice and hard, read to sit on top of the cake.

These cake toppers generally come as characters (such a rabbit for a Peter Rabbit themed party), or something else to sit on top and make a statement. You can sometimes buy them online, otherwise you can make one yourself or ask a cake designer to help you out with it.

Wooden Cake Toppers

The wooden cake toppers are nice and basic and are biodegradable, which makes them a perfect eco-friendly option. You can often find this type of cake topper at your local discount shop and they come in a variety of different forms.

Metal Cake Toppers

Metal cake toppers aren’t nearly as common as some of the other types. They are generally crafted to order from metal sheet or wire, where they are sculpted into the message for your cake.


There are so many different types of cake toppers. Not just different materials, but many different designs as well. Here are some of the most popular cake topper designs that are popular right now.

Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake topper is a popular choice. Many people choose to add a lovely cake topper to share their love on top of their wedding cake. The two most popular designs are:

  • Mr & Mrs: this script cake topper can come in a range of materials and adds the perfect finishing touch to any cake.
  • Couple: the other popular choice is a bride and groom figurine, standing together on their wedding day. People choose to get custom creations made to make them as lifelike as possible.


Message cake toppers are the perfect choice for any party. The idea is simple, you share what the celebration is about through the cake topper! Foe example, let’s take a look at birthday cake toppers. Getting the script “Happy 60th Birthday” on top, shares exactly what you’re all celebrating at the event.

Sculpted Cake Topper

These are the cake toppers that are made from fondant and are cleverly made by cake designers who work with fondant on a regular basis. They can get quite fiddly and require a far degree of skill, which is why it’s a good one to outsource. It can really bring a themed cake together.

Gold Cake Topper

Gold is such a popular choice and for good reason, it tends to go with a huge range of different themes. When going with a cake topper that’s gold, you can go with a script message, or a customised design to really show off the celebration and bring it together.

Personalised Cake Topper

Finally, let’s not forget the personalised cake topper. With so many businesses out there now cutting cake toppers to order, you have the opportunity to get it made with your own personal message. For example, with a custom cake topper you can include someone’s name, “Happy Birthday Sarah!”.

These cake toppers usually come in two styles:

  • Circle cake topper: these can be etched with your chosen message. You tend to have a decent amount of space to write, depending on what you want to say.
  • Script: these are the cake toppers that look like writing. You generally can’t say as much, so it’s best to keep it nice and simple.


So, now you are familiar with the different materials for cake toppers and the different designs you can choose from, what should you be looking for in a cake topper? Here are three key things to be on the look out for.


Quality is a big factor. You don’t want to invest in a cake topper than snps or breaks before it even makes it on top of your cake. The best way to assure yourself of quality is to have a read through the online reviews and see what other people have said about the cake toppers.

If you’re planning on reusing the cake topper (which is a great idea if it isn’t custom) then quality is even more important to ensure it can be used again and again.

Food Safe

You’re popping this cake topper inside a cake, so it makes sense to ensure it’s made from food safe materials. After all, you don’t want to make everyone at the party sick! The best way to do this is by checking the label, where it should be mentioned. If in doubt, feel free to ask the owner.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s always important to try and do what we can for the environment. Choosing a biodegradable cake topper is the perfect way to do your bit for the environment. Another great option is choosing a reusable cake topper that you can keep in the cupboard to be used for a number of different occasions.


Unicorn Cake Topper

One of the easiest and most fun birthday themes out there is a unicorn theme! You have had so much fun creating the perfect unicorn cake, with so much inspiration out there. Want to keep it simple? This unicorn cake topper is just perfect for that.

Simply decorate the cake anyway you like and then finish it off with this unicorn horn on top. The cake topper isn’t edible (sorry kids!), but is gold and sparkly with gorgeous flowers around it to add the perfect statement to finish off any cake. It even comes with eye lashes, which you can stick on the front of the cake to complement the gorgeous horn!

The easiest way to complete the look for that next unicorn party you have planned.

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Fortnite Cake Topper

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite, then you’ve likely been living under a rock. This popular kids game makes for the perfect theme for that next birthday party. But who knows all the Fortnite characters, let alone has the time to create them from scratch?

This Fortnite cake topper pack comes with more than one cake topper. They are made from cardboard, so you can stick them anywhere you like on the cake. Stick them on top, or paste them to the side and create the perfect look.

Even better, you can use them for cupcakes if you prefer. This set is so versatile and it’s the easiest way to create a cake from scratch and add that wow factor.

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Happy Birthday Cake Topper


If you’re looking for something plain and simple that you can reuse time and time again, then these acrylic ‘Happy Birthday’ cake toppers are just perfect.

Choose from a range of designs and get 12 cake toppers in the one pack. You will be covered for many birthdays to come!

The simple gold design perfectly completes any cake and makes a great statement to celebrate the birthday person.

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Rainbow Cake Topper

Do you need a little rainbow magic in your life? Here’s the perfect cake topper to add some colour and fun to your next celebration.

This set comes with a rainbow, moon, star and colourful balloons, all which can be added to the top of the cake to save you all the hard work.

The rainbow is made of soft clay, the moon and stars are made of paper and balloons are made from foam. You can keep them all and reuse them time and time again. All materials are also food safe to give you that added peace of mind.

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Toy Story Cake Topper

Calling all Toy Story fans! This is the perfect theme for any child’s birthday party, and you can have so much fun pulling the look together. This set of Toy Story cake toppers is just perfect, taking the hard work out of creating that ideal cake.

This set comes with nine characters, including Woody, Rex, Lotso, Alien, Slinky, Hamm, Bullseye, Jessie and Buzz. The figures are each made of durable PVC, which means they will last! You can use them again and again for party after party.

You can even choose to use each figure as a party favour instead!

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Mermaid Cake Topper 

This gorgeous Mermaid cake topper is the best way to create a statement for that next Mermaid or under water themed party! It comes with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it, surrounded by a mermaid tail, seaweed and shells, all covered in glitter.

Simply stick in the top of any cake for an instant professional look that will wow your guests at the next party.

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Roblox  Cake Topper

It’s the latest craze and it makes for a fun birthday theme that all kids will love! This Roblox cake topper has all your favourite characters on top, with a red Happy Birthday banner underneath.

It’s made from cardboard and is so easy to stick into your cake to complete it.

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Frozen Cake Topper

“Let it go” “Let it go”

Everyone’s favourite princesses have come to life in this amazing Frozen cake topper. Makes from cardboard, it features Anna and Else, along with Sven and Kristoff in the background.

Underneath there’s a blue and white ‘Happy Birthday’ banner for the kids to enjoy.

Simply put together a simple blue and white cake, and top it with this cake topper to create a look that will wow. So simple and easy – and so much fun too.

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Need help planning your next birthday party? Make sure your download our DIY party planning checklist and have a go! 


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