Looking for an absolutely adorable theme for your little one’s first birthday (or any birthday, really!). This stump cake is super cute and so easy to pull together with this brilliant cake hack. Mum Emma shares how she pulled off this gorgeous stump cake.

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Stump Cake Ingredients

  • 2x Woolies choc mud
  • 2x Woolies caramel mud
  • 3-4 packets CSR chocolate buttercream
  • Wilton 1M piping nozzle to create the ’wood’ look 
  • Dyed green coconut around the base for grass
  • Cupcakes I made myself with edible cupcake toppers I bought online
  • Cake board
  • Cake topper

Stump Cake Method

  1. First, grab your cake board. 
  2. I used the CSR brand chocolate buttercream in between layers as I stacked the cakes. 
  3. Once I stacked them I used a thick plastic straw in the middle to hold them together. 
  4. For the crumb coat I used the same buttercream and let it set in the fridge for 20 minutes – just to let the crumb coat harder a little. 
  5. Using a 1M Wilton piping tip I piped the CSR chocolate buttercream starting from the bottom of the cake to the top. The “tree knots” on the side of the cake I just piped using the same tip and drawing a letter ‘e’ to twirl the icing in a circle forming what looked like a tree knot. 
  6. As for the top of the cake I just used the same chocolate buttercream and a small dollop of Betty Crocker vanilla icing in the middle to lighten the chocolate colour and to make it look like the lighter colour of a tree log in the centre. 
  7. Using a fork I went around in a circle giving it the effect of tree veins. 
  8. Around the base of the stump cake I used coloured coconut which I coloured in a clip lock bag with some food colouring and massaged in until it was coloured to my satisfaction and then sprinkled around the base on top of the cake board.
You can then top the cake with your choice of cake topper! There are plenty of fun woodlands ones to choose from. Here are a few of our faves:

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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