First Birthday Cake Hack

first birthday cake hack

Turning one is a big deal – not just for the party child, but for the parents, too! It’s an amazing feat making it through that first year of parenting and you deserve to celebrate. If you’re after a ‘wow’ worthy cake that takes very little effort, then this first birthday cake hack is for you! It’s nice and easy to pull together, and will stun your guests. Mum Bec shows us exactly how it’s done, so you can turn yourself into a cake make extraordinaire.


Here’s exactly what you need for this first birthday cake hack:

  • 3 x Woolies mud cakes 
  • 1 x jar of Bonne Maman Rasberry jam 
  • 1 x tub thicken cream 
  • Icing sugar 
  • A punnet of strawberries 
  • A punnet of blackberries 
  • A packet of edible ladybugs from Woolies 
  • Edible flowers were from local fruit & veg shop – Neighbourhood Market Co 


Ready to give this first birthday cake hack a go? Here’s how!

  1. Remove the mud cake icing gently by hand. 
  2. Layer a generous amount of jam & cream each layer. 
  3. Put a paper straw in the centre for a bit of structure. 
  4. Decorate with the fruits & ladybugs. Leave in the fridge overnight and then the day of the birthday party, arrange the edible flowers on the cake! 

Honestly so simply, but looks amazing. This took Bec about 30-40 mins all up to create!

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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