fat unicorn cake

Looking for a great kids’ (or adults!) cake witha twist? You can’t look at this fat unicorn cake without letting out a giggle – it’s just adorable too! Karlie shares exactly how she pulled together this amazing creation, along with some tips to help you out!

Usually I try to make things as easy as possible! Being a busy mum of four kiddos ( my youngest being nearly 2-year-old twins), the easier the better. 

I love using Woolies or Coles pre-made mud cakes! They taste amazing and I don’t have to cook them. I always make my own buttercream. And my cake boards are simple cork table placements from Kmart. 


  • Homemade white buttercream
  • Fondant (and colours you wish to use!): I went with white (for the unicorn), purple, blue, pink
  • 3 x white chocolate mudcakes from Woolworths
  • Cake board

Step-by-step Fast Unicorn Cake


  1. Prepare your white buttercream and colour your gumpaste/fondant. Place to the side.
  2. Cut the ganache type icing off the mudcakes. Place a little dollop of buttercream on your cake board and place the first mudcake and layer. 
  3. Cover your cake with ‘crumb coat’ buttercream smooth out with palette knife and place in the fridge for 10 minute. 
  4. While cake is chilling, seperate into two bowls white buttercream and colour purple and pink (but remember to leave a bit of white for the top of your cake). 
  5. Place a roughly positioned, decent amount of purple buttercream on the bottom half and then same with pink on the top half. Then put the rest of the white on the top and smooth out to make an ombre effect. 
  6. Any remaining buttercream, you can pipe ontop for a pretty effect and some height. Place your cake in the fridge. 
  7. Start moulding your unicorns body and head and secure together with a toothpick. Make her legs and arms. Then hair, horn and ears. Make sure you use water to stick pieces together. 
  8. After your cake is set, use a spoon and take small bites out of your cake. Make sure you use some to smodge on your unicorn’s face. 


Use half copha, half butter in your buttercream, it makes for a much more stable icing. Especially during hotter days. 

Do not place your gumpaste/fondant in the fridge! It causes it to ‘sweat’. Always leave your creations in a cool dry place in an air-tight container and place them on the day.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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