Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Birthday Banners

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Nothing quite sets the scene for a party the way an outstanding birthday banner can. Whether it’s a birthday banner celebrating a milestone 21st birthday or a baby shower, a birthday banner adds that special touch to the event. 

Pairing a party banner with other elements such as foil balloons, wall decor or streamers creates an eye-catching and memorable backdrop for your special occasion. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect party supplies and more specifically party banners, we’re here to help!

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Check out our selection of beautiful banners that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests for all the right reasons.

Why You Should Add A Banner To Your Party Decorations 

Whether you’ve already shopped for your party supplies or have yet to start, you may be wondering whether a happy birthday banner is really that necessary. 

Happy Birthday banners, also sometimes known as birthday bunting, are one of the quickest and most effective ways to set the mood for your event. With elaborate party decor becoming more and more involved, a birthday banner makes it easier to achieve a show-stopping set-up.

When hung above an entryway, grazing table or as part of a photo backdrop, they instantly deliver an added boost to your decorating. Additionally, they perfectly highlight the individual being celebrated and the reason for the party!

You’ll always know when looking back at your photos exactly what you were celebrating.

Types Of Banners 

Far from being a simple strip of paper or cardboard, birthday banners come in a wide variety of materials and shapes. You can select from: 


While not as special as customised banners, pre-printed banners offer a quick and easy option for your event decor.

Usually available for milestone birthdays such as a 30th birthday or 50th birthday or baby shower, pre-printed banners are inexpensive and easy to source. 


Want a name, phrase or uncommon age number printed on your birthday banner? Customised banners make it easy to achieve.

Personalised birthday banners really add a unique and special touch to an event that is sure to impress everyone in attendance. 

Available Styles 


Foil Banners

Who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle? Foil banners are often available as pre-printed but can also be customised. This style of banner is great at reflecting light and easily adds a little glamour to every occasion. If you’re wanting an eco-friendly option, foil is also reusable for future parties too! 

Paper Banners

Less durable than foil banners, but just as effective, paper banners offer a classy and understated look. Paper banners are less easy to reuse than foil but are also fully recyclable, making them a great eco-friendly option, alongside biodegradable latex balloons. 

Letter Banners 

Rather than having your text printed on a solid strip of foil or paper, letter banners, as their name suggests, join individual letters together. This style of banner is easier to hang and tends to look more appealing as it will gently curve where each letter is pinned together. 

Bunting Banners 

Perfect for outdoor events, a birthday party or a baby shower, bunting banners most often involve triangular sections joined together with ribbon or string. 

Each section can have a letter or number printed on it and feature a background pattern and colour for a truly festive look.

Features To Look Out For 

Aren’t all banners much the same? Well, while they are undoubtedly used for similar purposes, not all banners are equal. 

When choosing your birthday banner or banner for any special event, we recommend checking:

  • It is suited for the environment in which you plan to use it. For outdoor events, we suggest vinyl or mesh for your banner as this will ensure it remains intact no matter the weather.
  • Size and length, always check the dimensions of your banner before ordering. If your banner is too small or too large, it may end up being unusable or could spoil your hoped-for look.
  • Weight, similarly to size and length, if your banner is too heavy you may face challenges in hanging it.
  • Appropriate hanging fixtures. Does it come with double-sided tape or have eyelets for hanging?

Our Top Picks For The Perfect Party And Birthday Banners 

If you are looking for the best birthday banners in Australia, we have you sorted. Check out our reviews below to find the best one for you! Happy hunting.

Rose Gold Birthday Banner

Perfectly feminine and classy, this banner doubles as a backdrop, making it ideal for photos or behind the cake table. Available for any age birthday this banner is truly outstanding.

Printed in high resolution with balloons and bunting alongside the large print, it is also lightweight and comes with a rope to secure it in place.

Simply thread through the fixed eyelets and you can hang this outdoors or indoors with ease! If preferred, it can also be hung using tape or push pins.

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Multi-Colour Bunting Banner

Available in three lengths totalling an impressive 30 metres, this bunting banner features over 75 coloured flags. Add a touch of fun to any party with this birthday bunting which is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

Able to be reused time and again, this banner is ideal for a child’s party or a fun outdoor gathering for adults.

Enjoy the vibrant colours and instant party vibe with this simple to-hang bunting that comes ready-strung in weather-resistant fabric. 

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Photo Birthday Banner

What better way to celebrate someone special than displaying photos of them throughout their lives? Whether for a baby’s first birthday or another age milestone, these banners allow you to display up to 12 photos.

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy organising your photos along the included decorative string. Choose from various colour schemes and styles and simply slot your images into the pre-cut slots on each card.

Hang as part of a larger display or let it be a feature on its own, this banner is sure to be a real talking piece at any birthday party.

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Minecraft Themed Banner

Have a Minecraft-loving little one or pre-teen in your home? This fantastic themed bunting-style banner comes as part of a larger pack that also includes printed latex balloons, cake toppers, balloon ribbons and more! Setting up for your party couldn’t be easier.

Set the scene with ease thanks to these high-definition printed party decorations and included birthday banner.

The banner is pre-assembled for fast hanging and comes complete with a looped string for easy fixing in place. Impress old and young alike with this all-inclusive set-up. 

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Fairy Birthday Banner

There is nothing quite so perennially enticing as a fairy theme for a little one’s birthday.

This gorgeous fairy-themed birthday banner offers stunning detail with 14 unique fairies strung alongside a happy birthday message festooned with flowers.

Pre-strung and easy to hang, the mixture of bright colours in this whimsical bunting is sure to impress all your guests.

Able to be used both indoors and outdoors, this banner is easily reused or repurposed after use for further enjoyment of its beautiful fairies. 

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Gold Letter Banner

Create a sparkling focal point for your birthday party with this outstanding gold glitter letter banner.

Add an eye-catching and fun focal point in your decorations that reflects the light and creates a party atmosphere. Choose a set phrase such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or a fun spin on an age milestone such as ‘Thirtylicious’.

Pre-strung and made from durable, lightweight cardstock for easy hanging, these banners can be hung just about anywhere.

Ideal for creating an extra happy 30th birthday setup, baby shower, retirement party and more, these letter banners are truly versatile.

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Balloon Birthday Banners

 Available in silver, gold or rose gold, these foil balloon banners are simply stunning!

Each letter sits at an impressive 40cm high, making for a truly outstanding birthday banner. Easily inflated and deflated via the use of an included straw, this banner is entirely reusable and needs no special equipment for inflation.

The durable, lightweight and glossy foil construction makes them easy to hang and impressive to look at. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use, simply thread each balloon onto the included string once inflated and you’re ready to enjoy!

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