handyman cake

Do you have a handyman in your life?

Or perhaps a child who just loves playing with dad’s tools?

Whatever the excuse, this handyman cake is a fun one to make and looks absolutely incredible. 

Kate made this cake following the amazing, in-depth tutorial over at Pettinice. Head on over if you want to recreate this cake from scratch. Such a handy DIY to have up your sleeve for a perfect DIY handyman cake.

No-bake DIY Handyman Cake

The best part about this cake? You don’t even have to bake it! All you need to do is get your hands on three Coles mudcakes.

You can prepare your mudcake by peeling off the icing (works better with fondant if you don’t leave this on). Stack them on top of each other on a cake board with a little ganache between each level.

Once your cakes are stacked, cover them entirely in ganache and pop in the fridge to set after this crumb coat. You can then roll out the fondant ready to cover.

To make the fondant tools Kate followed a tutorial on the Pettinice website (see above).

Handy Hints

Naturally, when it comes to following a DIY, things don’t always go to plan. Kate shares her hilarious blunder with us.

This was her first attempt at this DIY handyman cake. Kate says, ” I think it was a combination of the humidity here in Brisbane, along with the ganache recipe being not right. I always like seeing the failed attempts (so I know that I’m not alone) so thought I would share!”

Looking for more inspiration, check out this amazing Workman’s Cake!

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