Charlotte's Web party cookies

Planning a party can be an exciting and creative process, especially when you find a theme you love and can get stuck into. For Sarah, it even turns into a family affair! Her 7-year-old daughter was excited to have a Charlotte’s Web party theme, inspired by the class novel she was reading at school. Here’s how Sarah pulled it together. 


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Decorations and Favours

Pig pen

To create a ‘pig pen’ atmosphere, Sarah purchased a little garden fence from Bunnings. Sarah shares it was a bit of a splurge but added so much to the theme. The pigs, used as take-home gifts, were found online (Mini Piggy Toys). We also included small fidget toy pigs (Fidget Toy Pigs), chickens (Chicken Toys), a fake spider, and lollies from the pinata.

No party is complete without balloons, and for this, they turned to Mad Parties Supplies. They offered a wide selection, and they chose a large pig balloon surrounded by six cow print balloons, perfectly fitting the farm theme. You can also purchase balloons online.

Farm-Themed Feast

Charlotte's Web party cookies

A party isn’t complete without some themed treats. For their Charlotte’s Web party, Sarah decided to make gingerbread pig biscuits. Since her daughter is gluten-free, they used their favourite gingerbread recipe. The cookie cutter came from a playdough set – a creative find from their household supplies. You can also get one here.

They used pink fondant for the icing, shaped with the same cutter, and added a pearly ball for the eye. The stamp for the cookies, was previously purchased from Whip It Up Cake Supplies.

They had a variety of snacks including ‘Slops’ (rocky road).

'Hay bales' (homemade LCM bars)
Spider cookies
'Spiders' (chocolate noodles with eyes)
Charlotte's Web party food
A 'Veggie patch' (assorted vegetables)
'Orchard' (fruit platter)
Charlotte's Web party food
'Marshmallow bags of wool'
Charlotte's Web party
'Cheese dairy farm'
Charlotte's Web party drinks

For lunch, they opted for sushi, hot chips, and pizza from a local shopping centre, making it convenient to pick up everything from one location. Drinks were served in milk bottles with colourful straws, a find from the marketplace.

Charlotte’s Web Party Cake

Charlotte's Web cake

The cake, a focal point of any birthday party, was a collaborative effort. They bought a plain white cake from Heidelberg Cakes and decorated it. 

Using black fondant, they cut out cow shapes for the sides. The cake was topped with Sarah’s daughter’s farm animal collection, and they found a perfect number 7 candle at Kmart for just 20 cents. Sarah always keeps an eye out for special items throughout the year, which helps in such DIY projects.

Engaging Entertainment

animal farm

The highlight was Farmer Darcy’s Travelling Farm, which brought the farm experience to life. The animals were a hit among the kids.

Charlotte's Web party pinata

They also played “Pass the Pig”, a twist on pass the parcel, and had a homemade ‘Pig-jata’ pinata, crafted by Sarah’s husband.

Challenges and Tips

Sarah shares some of the challenges she faced along the way: The most challenging part was finding a suitable location for the farm-themed party, which required coordination with the council and the travelling farm. 

The easiest part was allowing plenty of time for setup, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable party. A tip for fellow party planners: using a plain cake and adding figurines is both easy and fun. We also made the most of Halloween decorations, purchasing spiders and webs for additional décor.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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