Barbie Party Decoration Ideas

Barbie party decoration dieas

“Believe in yourself and you can be anything”

Barbie really is one of those iconic toys that have stood the test of time…and for good reason! Whether you’re planning an adult party that is reminiscent of your childhood, or putting together something extra pink for a new Barbie-lover, it’s a great birthday theme that you can have a lot of fun with. Inspired by her daughter’s early choice of theme, mum Amy shares all her how-to tips and tricks, covering everything from homemade decorations like a balloon garland and a DIY Barbie Box, to delicious treats like a white chocolate mudcake and strawberry-flavoured macarons. Let’s dive into some fabulous Barbie party decoration ideas and make your party planning a breeze!

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Barbie Party Decoration Ideas

The balloon garland is such a stunning feature of this Barbie party! It really brings the gorgeous party table together and makes it pop. This Balloon garland was made by Amy’s husband Luke and herself with a mixture of balloons from Shein and Kmart. They used a variety of shades of pink, all blown up in different sizes to create the effect. You can also get balloons here with a kit ready to go!

Birthday banner custom-made by RSD Designs (Rainbow Skye Designs) to match invitations.

Shop the big number balloon here.

Creating the Barbie Box

Barbie box

Nothing beats this iconic Barbie box! It’s the perfect Barbie party decoration idea and you will end up with so many great photos as well.

The Barbie Box was made by Luke & Amy. They found a rough diagram on the internet and adapted it to fit our party guests. It’s made from corflute they sourced at Bunnings and Willow chose the pink paint she liked the best.

There were also props available for the Barbie Box and we took photos of all the party guests with Willow inside the box using an Instax camera (the guest and Willow both got a copy).

Barbie Cake

Barbie cake

Amy made her birthday cake. It was white chocolate mudcake with Strawberry infused Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Cake topper was custom-made by AlSas delicious delights to match the party invitations and the Barbie head fropper and cake supplies were from Skysies Cakes.


Barbie cookies

What’s a party without some lollies! The lolly bar consisted of assorted pink or strawberry flavoured lollies, biscuits and chocolate.

The Strawberry flavoured macarons and cookies were made by Amy.

Assorted meat platter, wraps and baguette platters from Drakes.

Amy made a few kid-friendly sandwiches and had some cheese and dip but they weren’t touched so Amy shares that she wouldn’t supply again in the future.


barbie party braiding

There’s nothing kids love more than braids and this is such as great party idea! Amy hired a local hair braider Braids by Sierra, the party guests got standard double dutch braids and Willow got pink-coloured hair extensions.

They had a colouring-in station set up and a decorate-your-own cupcake station (cupcakes made by Amy).

When the party guests arrived they each got a pink necklace (Spotlight) and pink shades (Shein).

Party Favours

party party favours
Of course, no party is complete without party favours! Here’s what Amy included in their party bags:
  • Bubble wand – Kmart, or buy online here.
  • Barbie Sheet Mask – Kmart
  • Barbie cookies – Woolworths
  • Glow stick
  • Freddo Frog
  • Barbie stickers – buy online here
  • Barbie lollipop

Tips and tricks 

  • Hardest: Trying to find Barbie party decorations a week after they were everywhere as the Barbie movie had been released.
  • Easiest: Starting the planning early and purchasing non-perishables in the months leading up to the party.

Tips: Stick to a budget and have a buffer. We decided at the last minute to purchase the prepared platters – a decision I don’t regret.

Have fun with it!


Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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