Alice in Onederland Party: First Birthday

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If you’re ever looking for a quirky first birthday idea, it’s always fun to have a play on words. This Alice in ‘One’derland Theme is just perfect for that. This Alice in Wonderland party was put together by one very creative mum, who did a lot of DIY work to create this look. Of course, you can still browse through the photos and get some inspiration. Who knows, you might be tempted to bring out your own creative side!

As you browse through these photos, pay attention to all the small details in each one. It’s amazing what you’ll spot as you look closely. 

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Alice in Wonderland Party Set Up

How amazing is this Alice in Wonderland set up! So many incredible details have gone into this set up. From the party table inside, to the games and outdoor set up. Everything little detail has been thought about and executed with style. Many of the items were collected by the mum from op shops (such as the tea sets), while many others she simply made by herself.

We found a lovely tea set here.

Alice in Wonderland Games

Alice in Wonderland theme party games set up

You really can’t have an Alice in Wonderland party without some lawn croquet. How cute is this set up using the cards for the holes!

If you don’t have one yet, you can find a lawn croquet set here. We also found some giant playing cards perfect for this game.

Alice in Wonderland Food & Cake

You can have so much fun when it comes to party food! Creating food that sticks to your theme can really add to the overall look. 

Just imagine the time that went into creating the teapot with exploding cards. How amazing does it look!

The cake is very impressive and the perfect addition to the rest of the theme. It has a great personal touch with the birthday girl’s name across it. You can order your own Alice in Wonderland birthday cake here.

This party really is fit for a princess. Such an amazing job done by one very clever mum.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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