Lincoln’s 7th Science Party

science party experiments

If you’re after a unique theme that lends itself to so much fun, a science party is definitely the way to go! You can really go all out with the decorations and outfits, while planning plenty of fun experiments for the big day to keep all the guests busy. One mum, Jenna, shows us how she pulled together her son’s 7th science party, including all their amazing science party experiments.

Science Party Set Up

The backdrop is from Ali Express, then I made the beaker image and printed it at officeworks and stuck it to corflute.

You can shop a similar backdrop here>>>

The ‘bubbles’ are clear balloons. You can find these here>>>

Across the table you will see lots of beakers of all shapes and sizes, which are a great and simple addition! You can fill them with lollies, chips, drinks, etc.

Shop the beakers here>>>

Science Party Food

Science party experiments sugar cookies

The cookies are from Simply Sweet Bites.

For the drinks, I made a Galaxy Colour Changing Slushie, which you can see here. 

You will also find all the party basics here, including chips, lollies, coloured popcorn, choc chip cookies and plenty more.

party food

Of course, the fabulous cake is at the back of the table. A great beaker cake sitting beneath the cutout above it!

Science Party Games

Science party experiments aprons

The aprons themselves are from Kids Aprons on eBay and I personalised them with my Silhouette. The kids also got personalised ID Lanyards (made from a template at Rays of Bliss) and safety Goggles.

The kids did Elephant Toothpaste, Slime, and DIY lava lamps. All easily found online.


I do recommend testing the elephant toothpaste to get the ratios and ingredients right. We did need to tweak it a little to make it faster for the kids.

The slime, I just got heaps of colours, glitter, beads and polymer clay mix ins and the kids went crazy. They loved it! I used these containers from Kmart for the kids to take it home in.

You can shop slime here>>>

More Science Party Inspiration 

Looking for more ideas when it comes to throwing the perfect Science party? You can also check out:

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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