Your Guide To The Best Cupcake Toppers

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect cupcake toppers to steal the show at the next party you host? Whether you’re forgoing the cake in favour of individual cupcakes, or simply want to offer up even more selection to your guests, nothing beats a well-placed, on-theme cupcake topper to round off the perfect cupcake. Better yet, they’re fuss-free saving you decorating time and effort in the process!

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Types Of Cupcake Toppers

Before we even get stuck into some of the fabulous cupcake toppers you can buy, did you know they come in a huge variety of styles as well? Before you even go on the hunt for your ideal topper, it helps to have an idea in mind of the final look you’re hoping to achieve. Here’s some of the different toppers you might consider.

Edible Cupcake Toppers

Edible wafer paper are one of the best types of cupcake toppers out there for the simple reason that you can eat them – bonus!

They often come as flat pieces of circular paper that are about the size of a standard cupcake. This makes them easy to stick straight on top of your icing, keeping in the theme of the birthday party. 

As the name suggests, they can go straight into the mouth and be eaten along with the cupcake. Edible cupcake toppers are generally made from wafer, which is pretty bland and tasteless. This means it doesn’t distract from the flavour of the cupcake.

Metal Cake Topper

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, then a metal cupcake topper is the way to go. These are harder to come by, and are often reserved for cake toppers instead, where a bigger design can be made.

But you can still find smaller metal cupcake toppers in a whole range of colours. From rose gold metal, to silver, yellow gold and more, they make the perfect stylish option for adult celebrations and events.

Toy Cupcake Topper

This is one of the best ideas. Simply grab some toys and pop them on top of the cupcakes to blend in seamlessly with your theme! Of course, you can actually buy toy cupcake topper sets, but if you have toys at home already, you might be able to make do.

These 3D cake toppers really give off the wow factor no matter what the event is. They match the theme exactly and essentially bring it to life. Plus, kids love playing with the toys while they eat!

Paper Cupcake Topper

This is probably the most common type of cupcake topper out there. You’ll find these paper toppers stuck onto a toothpick that is then stuck into the cake where it stands.

They are simple, yet effective and really stand out. Plus, they’re so easy to pop on top! You can get them in a whole range of fun designs to match your theme, and simply discard the topper once the cupcake is eaten. No fuss, no worries.

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers

Type: cupcake topper.

These cupcake toppers are sure to make your desserts sparkle! Made from premium card stock and with 24 in a pack they will be perfect to add that little something to your next unicorn themed party. With this complete set of toppers and wrappers, your cupcakes will look amazing. They are also reversible with both rainbow and shut eye designs, giving you lots of options!

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Butterfly Cupcake Topper

Type: edible cupcake topper.

 Make your cupcakes look as yummy as they taste with these edible butterfly toppers. They are made food safe so can be enjoying alongside your food. Don’t stop with cupcakes either, with 120 in the set these can be used for cakes, brownies or even ice cream. With the various colour and designs you can get creative and let you imagination run wild with colours and designs to accompany these gorgeous butterflies.  

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Cars Cupcake Topper

Type: edible cupcake topper.

Displaying all their favourite characters, any Disney Cars fan wheel love these edible cupcake toppers. What’s more fun than biting into a picture of Lightning” McQueen, Sally or Mater? Theses toppers come in a 1.5 inch circle and are made from 100% edible wafer paper. They are the perfect size for cupcake’s or even to decorate a cake, biscuits or cookies. These could also be a fantastic edible parting gift for your guests. 

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Moon & Stars Cupcake Topper

Type: metal cupcake topper.

These Moon and star toppers will send your cupcakes out of this world! They are made from metal, giving off a mature, elegant vibe which is perfect for events of all types. Use them for children or tween birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, the list is endless! With a sturdy metal design hosts or guests can reuse them at their discretion. Use these to make any desert at your event special! 

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Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

Type: paper cupcake topper.

This pack includes 20 cupcake wrappers and 20 toppers made with high quality, non toxic materials. They come in super cute shell, seahorse, starfish and mermaid tail designs. The wrappers are also reversible with both plan metalic and scale designs. This means that designs can be mixed and matched to create some amazing combinations.  These toppers are bright, colourful and made from non-toxic materials making them an amazing addition to your next mermaid themed party! 

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Type: paper cupcake topper.

These cake and cupcake toppers are designed for Bluey lovers. The familiar characters will catch the attention of all your guests. Made from quality cardboard and printed with vivid colour and clear detail they will be sure to add fantastic, eye catching cake decorations for your child’s birthday party! But don’t let the fun stop there. With just a little imagination these decorations could look amazing on their own, adding that special something to your part table as a display.

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Type: toy cupcake topper
These cupcake toppers are guaranteed to impress the Sonic lover in your life. At 2.5 inch tall, these full sized characters really stand out. They will look great as table decorations, on a cake or cupcakes. Being full, three dimensional figures they are also a great option to send home as a small party favour to your guests. Everyone at the party, as well as the special birthday girl or boy will love seeing all their favourite sonic characters. You might even have a few guests asking where they came from! 

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Type: paper cupcake topper.

These construction themed cupcake toppers will liven up any party! With 36 in this pack there is more than enough to decorate tables, cakes, brownies or even hand them out to guests. They are printed on thick card stock and use food grade bamboo sticks. For the construction aficionado they come with well known vehicles including bulldozers, dump trucks and even backhoes. 

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Type: toy cupcake topper.

Is your little one a huge fan of the popular Paw Patrol cartoons and characters? These Paw Patrol mini-figurines are the perfect addition to your next event! With twelve detailed characters in the set they are sure to impress! As with many other cupcake toppers in this post, versatility is key! These figures are a perfect party favour as well as decoration for cakes, tables or cakes at your event. 

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Type: toy cupcake topper.

If you’re looking to add some magic to your Disney themed party these cupcake toppers are ideal! This set comes with 24 toppers showing all the favourite Disney characters your guests will know and love. They are made from sturdy materials, with a thin stick that fits easily into cupcakes, cakes or to be used as table decorations. 

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