We put together this Bluey 1st birthday at my law’s house (they have a huge garage/rumpus/kitchenette downstairs which is perfect for parties) at the end of Winter.

The theme we chose was Bluey because I asked my four year old to choose a theme for his baby brother and that’s what he chose, because he’s in to Bluey at the moment (maybe because we grown ups make him watch it haha).

The Set Up

     Bluey and Bingo cut out from Katrinah’s Kreations on Facebook.

     Coco, Snickers, and Mackenzie cut outs downloaded from the Bluey website and printed on A3 card at Officeworks.

     Food cards were made by screenshotting images from the Bluey episodes and adding text. Printed as photos at Kmart.

     Cookies from Sweet Avenue on Facebook. 

     Fairy floss labels and chocolate labels made by me.

     Balloon garland is the silver and white garland from Kmart, which I added blue and orange balloons from BigW to.

     Cake and cupcakes from Woolworths, decorated with sprinkles from Fairy dust Sprinkles on Etsy, edible images from CK’s Edible Images and Cakes on Facebook and mini confetti balloons from BigW party shop.

     “EZRA” letters were made by covering wooden letters from Kmart with images from the Bluey magazine. 

Bluey Decorations

Shengo Bluey Dog Birthday Party Supplies

Bluey supplies
This comprehensive party pack includes everything you need for a Bluey-themed party. This set includes a Happy Birthday banner, six charms, 24 cupcake flags, and 18 balloons, all featuring the adorable Bluey dog. These decorations are made from 100% non-toxic and durable materials, ensuring they are safe for children’s parties. The set is designed to provide everything you need for a Bluey-themed party in one package, making party planning easier and more convenient. Whether it’s a birthday party or a baby shower, this Bluey-themed party set is sure to add a touch of fun and excitement to your event.

Latest prices here>>>

Toyland® Pack Of 2-32 Inch Bluey Foil Balloons

Foil balloons
This is a fantastic addition to any Bluey-themed party. This pack includes two large 32-inch balloons, one featuring Bluey and the other featuring Bingo, two beloved characters from the popular children’s show. These balloons are made with an automatic sealing valve, allowing them to be filled with either air or helium depending on your preference. They come flat, so you’ll need to inflate them yourself. Whether they’re fixed to the wall or floating in the air, these Bluey and Bingo balloons will add a fun and festive touch to your party decor. They’re perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to surprise parties, and are sure to delight any Bluey fan.

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Bluey Theme Party Balloon Garland Kit

Balloon garland
This set will bring your Bluey-themed party to life. This kit includes a variety of balloons in different sizes and colours, including blush, light blue, blue, and orange. It also features dog paw print balloons and confetti balloons with orange and dark blue dots. To add a fun twist, the kit includes two large bone-shaped foil balloons. The kit also provides a 16-feet balloon arch strip, dot glue, and a tying tool, making it easy to assemble your balloon garland. This balloon garland kit is perfect for any Bluey-themed party, whether it’s a birthday, a surprise party, or a casual get-together. It’s a fantastic way to add a pop of colour and fun to your party decor.

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Bluey Party Inspiration

Looking for more Bluey party inspiration? We have it! Check out:

Plus, we have a great post on where to shop the best Bluey party supplies!

Need help planning your next birthday party? Make sure your download our DIY party planning checklist and have a go! 


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