Disney Doorables Review: A Magical Surprise for Little Ones!

Disney Doorables for kids

As a mother of two adorable and energetic girls, Cassie (8) and Vivi (6), I’m always on the lookout for toys that not only spark their imagination but also cause a little jump for joy when they unwrap them. The Disney Doorables Series 10 Multi Peek Pack and Mini Peek Pack have done just that! Take a look at all the fun waiting to uncovered with our Disney Doorables review.

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Disney Doorables Series 10 Multi Peek Pack

My girls are just obsessed with Disney Doorables and have been for a while now. As soon as they came home to discover the Disney Doorables Series 10 Multi Peek Pack waiting for them, they let off a squeal of delight. 

Each door revealed a new surprise, a tiny, adorable Disney character with glittering eyes that seemed to tell a story of their own. The detail on these figures is remarkable, considering their size. Cassie and Vivi were overjoyed to find some of their favourite characters, and the anticipation of who would be next added to the fun.

The variety in the pack is impressive, with a good mix of classic and contemporary Disney characters. It’s a fantastic way to introduce kids to the vast world of Disney, and for us, it sparked conversations about different Disney movies and stories.

Disney Doorables Series 10 Mini Peek Pack

The Mini Peek Pack, while smaller, was no less exciting. It’s perfect for a little treat or as an addition to the larger pack. The girls loved the compact size, which made it easy for them to carry around their new favourite characters.

Like the Multi Peek Pack, the Mini Peek Pack also featured beautifully detailed figures with those signature sparkly eyes. The surprise element of not knowing which character you’ll get adds a layer of excitement that my girls absolutely loved.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffer, a gift for a friend, or a special gift that kids will jump for, the Disney Doorables won’t disappoint. They offer a magical unboxing experience, are beautifully crafted, and provide endless hours of imaginative play. As a mum, I appreciate the quality and the joy they bring to my daughters. I would highly recommend these to any parent looking to bring a little Disney magic into their children’s lives!

Additional Information

You can find the Disney Doorables Series 10 Multi Peek Pack here on Amazon and the Mini Peek Pack here on Amazon. What more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts Category and find the perfect present for that special person! Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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