LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle Learning Set Review

Leapfrog Build a Waffle Learning Set

Ready to get cooking?

Our play kitchen has probably had more love than any other toy in our home. All three kids play with it non-stop! So we are always on the hunt for new toys that can be added to build on the cooking fun. The LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle set has brought a new level of interactive fun to our household as Elliot joins his sisters in the world of pretend play. The set includes a waffle iron, waffle pieces, fruit toppings, plates, and utensils – everything needed to create a delicious waffle breakfast. Read on to check out our LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle Learning Set Review.

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playtime experience

Let’s face it, waffles are delicious! The kids were all too eager to unbox this set and start baking in their very own mini kitchen. Cassie and Vivienne take on the roles of chefs and servers, while Elliot eagerly participates in creating waffle masterpieces.

Elliot enjoys placing the waffle pieces in the iron and taking them out once they’re “cooked.” The set also features fun phrases and songs that engage all three of them as they build their waffle creations.

Educational Value

As a parent, I appreciate toys that combine fun and learning seamlessly. The LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle set does just that. It introduces the concept of following instructions, sequencing, and coordination as the children build their waffles. The songs and phrases reinforce shapes, colours, and fruit names, making it an excellent tool for early education.

Final Verdict

The LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle Learning Set has added a delicious twist to our pretend playtime. It’s been a fantastic way for Cassie, Vivienne, and Elliot to bond while exploring the world of creativity and learning. This toy seamlessly combines fun and education, making it a winner in our household.

If you’re looking for a toy that encourages imaginative play, teamwork, and early education, the LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle Learning Set is an excellent choice. Elliot’s participation alongside his sisters has been a delightful experience, and I highly recommend it for children aged 2 and above.

Additional Information

You can find the LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle Learning Set on Amazon, and it’s also available at various retailers. What more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts Category and find the perfect present for that special person! Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today.


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