Final Moana cake with Moana balloons and decor

Moana is a well-loved Disney movie that has stood the test of time and is now considered a beloved classic. Even if it was released more than seven years ago, you’ll still find kids requesting for Moana-themed birthday parties or Halloween costumes. If your child loves Moana or Maui and a Moana-themed party is in your near future, we have the perfect cake for you!

Jelena created her own version of a Moana cake using this YouTube tutorial by emmymade on How to Make an Island Cake. She used this video as the starting point to creating her own Moana cake below.

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In the YouTube tutorial, emmymade used a store-bought sheet cake for the base of her cake. You can do the same to save time and effort. She then carved the chocolate cake into the desired shape of the mountains with the sea surrounding them and covered it in homemade ganache and melted white chocolate.

“I purchased most of the supplies and ingredients from ‘My Dream Cake” in Sunshine. The process of making the cake is as per below pictures. It took me a couple of tries to get the gelatine in,” Jelena shared.

Chocolate cake for base of Moana cake
Shaping a chocolate cake into a Moana cake
Icing a chocolate Moana cake

The next step, and one of the most important, is to cover the bottom part of the cake with gelatine to form the water around the island. This step is done using a spring form cake pan. Put your chocolate cake into the cake pan and seal your pan with cling wrap and tape. You should also put a plastic barrier between your cake and your pan so it’s easy to remove the pan without damaging the gelatine later.

When confident that your cake is sealed well, prepare and pour the gelatine mixture into the pan.

“The first time, the gelatine poured out all over my kitchen. So ensure that the spring form tin is thoroughly sealed. Lots of cling wrap and tape around that!” Jelena said.

Moana cake with blue and green gelatine
“The first colour of the water (i.e. gelatine) looked much better. But it was late at night, so i didn’t want to remake my second batch which is too green. Looks more like Moana from a swamp, so suggestion is to test smaller batches of gelatine to get the right colour. Add blue, not green. Although the colour i used was teal, I added to much of it obviously. So just a drop is enough to colour the gelatine,” Jelena shared. To colour the mountains and make them look textured, crush Maria biscuits, or any similar biscuit, into a fine powder. Then add a few drops of food colouring to make it green for the top of the mountains. Leave a little of the biscuit crumbs uncoloured to sprinkle around the mountain as the shore.
Moana cake with Moana figurines

“The rest of the process is as per the YouTube video. Just have fun with it! I wanted something different this time and everyone loved it on the day. I do have to say, we had the party at a playcentre. They only had a plastic cake knife. This could not cut the gelatine. So ensure to use a proper sharp knife,” Jelena ended.

Final Moana cake with Moana balloons and decor

And there you have it! A creative, attractive, and delicious cake your birthday celebrant and guests will love! We guarantee that your Moana-loving child will get a kick out of this unique cake, and all the effort you put into making it will be well worth it. Enjoy!

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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