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Does your little one love animals? Thrive off mud and all things messy? Check out this amazing Farm Party where the charm of the countryside is brought to life for everyone to enjoy. This DIY party is a barn-load of fun and creativity. Get your overalls ready for this farm-tastic adventure from mum Dee and see how she put together this adorable party for her one-year-old boy.

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Farm Party Decorations

Farm party buntings

Let’s face it, when it comes to farmyard fun, the decorations bring it to life. Dee got crafty for this with her cow mason jars. Here’s what she did:

  1. Sources some mason jars (you can buy some here)
  2. Put some primer on
  3. Painted them whites
  4. Added black dots
  5. Finished off with rope around them

Dee also pulled out her Cricut machine to make the ‘Happy birthday’ bunting and did such a great job. She used cardstock to cut out the letters and glued it all together before popping ribbon through the top of each piece.

Farmyard Food

Chicken feed

There are so many different ways you can play on the puns when it comes to farmyard party food!

Here are some of Dee’s great ideas:

  • Hay bales: LCM bars
  • Watering hole: Drinks holder
  • Fresh produce: Fruit
  • Chicken feed: popcorn
Chicken feed

Even the cutlery was fun and on-theme with pitchforks for forks, shovels for spoons and hand saws for the knives.

The wood stands Dee already had on handb, but you could easily be made by cutting a branch in desired lengths and using a saw to make the cut in the middle for the labels to stand in.

The food labels were made with a thick piece of cardstock and scrapbook paper with the design she wanted. Dee cut and glued them on and used the Cricut to design the layout she wanted and printed them to stick on.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!



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