Cheese wheel cake

Birthdays are synonymous with cake – the sugary, fluffy kind, decorated with icing and candles. But for those with a much more savoury palate, it can be easy to just skip the birthday cake altogether. That is, until the introduction of a cheese wheel cake. You read that right. An entire cake dedicated to cheese, is there anything better? Susy shares some great tips to help you recreate this masterpiece on your own to make that cheese lover in your life over the moon.

What is a cheese wheel cake?

A cheese wheel cake is made up of several wheels of cheese, stacked to resemble a tiered cake. It’s not about melting cheese into a cake form. Instead, it’s about artfully stacking whole cheeses.

The key lies in choosing a variety of cheeses that offer different textures, flavours and heights to create an impressive tower.

Red leiciester cheese

Selecting the Cheese

A cheese wheel cake all comes down to the cheese and making the right selections. Susy shares that the cake pictured cost about $120 all up (which is very reasonable when you see how much cake makers charge!). Here are her tips for shopping the right cheese:

  • Search for cheese shops in your area. Susy is from WA and used Napoli Mercato and European Foods Marketplace.
  • Call ahead: a cheese wheel cake comes down to the diameter of the cheese, and that’s not easy. You can call ahead and ask the shop to measure the cheeses to make sure it’ll work! You want the cheeses to get smaller in size to create that tiered effect.
  • Include a mix of soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses: Soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert offer a creamy, spreadable layer, while aged cheddars or Goudas provide a firmer, more savoury note. Blue cheeses add a pungent, robust flavour.
  • Bring a ruler: if you’re shopping cheese from different places, don’t be afraid to bring that ruler along to measure the diameter. 
  • Slice in half: Shops will actually cut the height of the cheese wheel in half if you ask! This means you get to keep the full diameter, without so much cheese.
Cheese wheel

Here’s one of the cheese wheels slice in half.

Assembling the cake

  • Foundation: Start with the largest, sturdiest wheel as the base.
  • Stacking: Carefully stack the cheeses, ensuring each layer is centered and stable. If the cheeses vary in size, use cheese paper or leaves in between layers for support.
  • Height: Aim for three to five layers. Too few might look underwhelming, while too many could become unstable.

Decorating the cheese wheel cake

Cheese wheel cake cut

Garnish with edible decorations such as grapes, figs, nuts, and honeycomb. Fresh herbs like rosemary or edible flowers add a splash of colour.

Consider adding a cheese knife or spreader on the side of each layer for convenience.

It also helps to add in little notes, so guests know exactly what cheese they’re eating.

Susy went with a whole grazing board with the cake, which is the perfect accompaniment that can be enjoyed throughout the entire party.

Serving the Cheese Cake

  • Room Temperature: Allow the cheese to sit at room temperature before serving. This enhances the flavours and textures.
  • Pairing: Offer a selection of crackers, bread, and perhaps some wine or craft beer to complement the cheese flavours.
  • Slicing: Unlike traditional cakes, guests can slice the amount of cheese they prefer, creating a personalised tasting experience.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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