Babysitters Club Outfit For Book Week

babysitters club outfit

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a Babysitters Club obsessed bookworm in their home. When Cassie (7), first asked to go as Kristy from the novel for Book Week, I did freeze. How on Earth was I going to help her pull together that outfit! No amount of coaxing would do, she was adament that she needed a Babysitters Club outfit, so we set to work straight away. The Cricut well and truly came to the rescue.

Hello Stoneybrook! The Babysitter’s Club offers a plethora of characters with distinct styles and personalities, making it a perfect choice for Book Week. From the sporty Kristy Thomas to the artsy Claudia Kishi, there’s a character for everyone. 

For my 7-year-old daughter, Kristy Thomas was the character that speaks to her the most. Here’s how we pulled together her outfit.

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Babysitter’s Club T-Shirt

babysitters club outfit t-shirt

We started designing the T-shirt first. Cassie has been spending her weekends writing her own Babysitters Club’ flyers, so we took inspiration from that. We decided to tun the front of her shirt into a flyer just like the ones from the book. 

Cassie weeding shirt

We used this free SVG for the Logo (which we cut onto holographic SVG) and then created the rest of the text ourselves in Design Space. Cassie used the book for inspiration for all the text to include on the front. 

Once we printed onto HTV, she weeded each one herself and with my help, we popped it onto the shirt with the mini press.

babysitters club top

The end design reads:

The Babysitter’s Club

Need a Babysitter?

0450 779 994

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Available: Weekends
                   After School

We then added a name tag from Design Space at the top, just to make it clear exactly which character she had chosen to be!

Back of Shirt

Of course, we had to pop something on the back of the shirt as well.

We found this SVG and it was perfect!

It was simply cut onto a metallic purple HTV and then weeded and ironed on.

The Pants

Babysitters Club outfit pants

Kristy is well-known for being the tom boy of the group, so Cassie picked some baggy pants to add to her Babysitters Club outfit for Book Week. But we didn’t want to simply leave them plain.

Together, we came up with the great idea of finding quotes from Kristy from the books and printing these onto the pants.

Cass did all the hard work and picked her favourites, before we used the Cricut to cut them onto HTV and the mini heat press to put on the pants.

The Cap

Another trademark of Kristy is her baseball cap.

For this one, we layered some text from Design Space to create a 3D look. We used holographic HTV to really make it pop!

Babysitters club hat
Babysitters Club outfit

Cass was so excited to try on her outfit, complete with baby doll to look after. She can’t wait to show it off for Book Week!

More ideas…

Looking for some more, easy ideas to pull this outfit together.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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