Sweet 16 Movie Night

Looking for a budget Sweet 16th birthday idea that your child (and their friends!) will just adore? Louise managed to deliver the perfect Sweet 16 Movie night for under $500 (some items were on sale at the time they were purchased), and it came complete with an ice-cream truck to the door – how cool is that! Here’s how she pulled it all together.


Sweet 16 Movie Night food

Let’s start with the favourites: the food. The party table was full of fun and tasty movie snacks, with popcorn, snow cones, candy canes, marshmallows and plenty more for the kids to feast on. But that’s not the best part.

sweet treats

There was even an entire table dedicated to treats (yum!) with cupcakes and lollies galore for teens to fill up their buckets with.

Ice cream truck

The highlight is the ice cream truck to deliver the movie staple: choc tops. Your own personal ice cream truck, how fun is that!

Set Up

Sweet 16 Movie Night daytime

No movie night would be complete without a giant screen! Luckily, Big W stocks one that is inflatable (and on the inexpensive side, too). 

The sleek EKO 1080p Projector with Inflatable 117” Screen gives you ultra-crisp, high contrast viewing in your home or outdoors. It comes with a bonus 117-inch foldable outdoor screen that’s just perfect for a movie night with friends.

Sweet 16 Movie Night

Louise also set up some outdoor tents from Kmart, which make this a true all-weather activity the teens can enjoy. You can also deck it out with picnic rugs, bean bags, chairs and more. The lights along the side are also from Kmart, adding to the effort and really creating that party vibe.


Sweet 16 games

This was a game with the twist. They used the Giant Bucket Toss game from Kmart, and filled the bucket with money and lollies.

Teens took turns throwing the ball and won whatever was in the cup they landed in. Perfect competitive fun with some great prizes for older kids.


Sweet 16 cake

This gorgeous number cake is the perfect statement for a Sweet 16th birthday!

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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