Bunnings birthday party table

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good old trip to Bunnings! And let’s not forget the tasty sausage sandwich which is a must while you’re there. But, do you have a kid who loves Bunnings so much they want to make a party of it? Who can blame them it really does make the perfect theme! Kristina shows us how she pulled together this fun Bunnings birthday party for her little one. Read on for all the inspiration you need.

Bunnings Party Set Up

All the Bunnings decor you see in this set up was actually from Bunnings! Makes it nice and easy when it comes to setting up a Bunnings birthday party.

The activities manager gave all the items to Kristina to use for the party.  She was kindly lent the shopping trolley for decor from Bunnings.

Bunnings birthday party food

The party food was also perfect for the theme.

  • The little shovels for the jelly Kristina bought off eBay.
  • The cookies were made by a lady Kristina found on Facebook.
  • The grazing board also looks amazing, full of biscuits, fruit and more, which Kristina pulled together herself. 
  • They did a sausage sizzle for lunch (of course!) with the sauces and things all set up on the table.

Party Entertainment

The pots and plants were from Bunnings as well (Kristina bought these herself). 

To keep the kids busy for the party they did pasta necklaces, a pinata and each child planted a plant to take home along with the little red gift bags.

Her daughter went to Bunnings with her and helped pick out all the flowers for the kids to plant. The perfect Bunnings birthday party activity.

Bunnings Birthday Party Bags

If you ask me, the highlight of this Bunnings birthday party are the amazing party bags! 

These kids party bags were put together by the Bunnings activities manager free of charge (how amazing is that!). Kristina just hand wrote all the names of the kids and put their names onto the aprons and hung them up onto a black clothes hanger that she got off gumtree then passed on when she had finished with it.

The party favours included:

  • Hat
  • Colouring in 
  • Pencil case
  • Pencils


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