Number eight birthday cake filled with pink lollies.

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” This funny (yet accurate) saying reiterates the importance of a cake for any birthday party! 

We can all agree that the cake is one of the highlights of a birthday party. Not only does it usually reiterate the birthday theme, but the cake also provide a delicious dessert for all the guests, of course!

If you want to customise your cake to fit your celebrant, a number cake is a wonderful idea. In this post, I’ll teach you how to make your own fun and easy number cake.

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Preparing the cake

For this occasion, I made an eight birthday cake because,  it was a special eighth birthday!

To create the base of the eight cake, I baked two cakes. You can make any cake you usually make – vanilla, lemon,  or chocolate, whichever your celebrant prefers.

When the cakes were out of the oven and cooled down a bit, I cut out a hole in the middle of each cake. Voila! I had the base cakes for my eight number cake.

Making an eight number cake for an eighth birthday

Another way to make the holes in your cake is to bake them with the holes already. If you have small round ceramic dishes at home, pop one into the middle of your cake mould. Pour your cake mixture around the ceramic dish. Bake as usual.

When the cakes are done, cool the cakes a little. Then remove the ceramic dishes, and you’ll already have a hole in the middle of your cakes. No need for the extra step of cutting out the middle part of the cake,

Girls sticking musk sticks onto a number eight cake

Assembling the cake

When both my cakes were done, I put each cake on a cake board and put them together. Ta-da!  My number eight cake was ready for the finishing touches.

I iced the cakes all around, making sure I covered the tops and sides of both cakes. The icing will also act as an adhesive for the other goodies I was about to put on the cake. First, we stuck pink musk sticks all around the sides of the cake. The sticks acted as a yummy and pretty fence that would keep all the lollies we were about to put on the cake.

Putting lollies on an eight number cake

After we lined the entire cake, including the holes, with musk sticks, it was time to put the lollies. As you can probably tell, the cake’s theme was pink, so pink lollies were in order.

We filled the cakes with sweet treats like marshmallows, jelly beans, clouds, and sour hearts. This part of making the cake was super fun, and the girls loved helping me fill up the cake.

The eight number cake

Number eight birthday cake filled with pink lollies.

My final product is a delightful and delicious eight number cake. Not only was the cake pretty to look at, but it was delicious, too.

Our little celebrant loved it, and so did all her guests. I enjoyed making the cake because it was fairly easy to put together. More than that, it was fun! The best part is my children were able to help me make it as well. 

 Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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