koala party set up

When your little one has an obsession: whether that’s cars, dolls, monsters or…koalas… it’s the perfect excuse to create an entire birthday theme around it! After all, they’re guaranteed to love it. That’s what one mum, Michelle, has done for her 9-year-old daughter. She has even gone ahead and created a tree from scratch! Find out how she pulled together this adorable koala party.

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Koala Party Tree

Koala party tree

Let’s start off with the amazing koala tree, since this is the hero of this entire set-up…and completely made from scratch!

Step 1

Build frame from PVC pipes and attach to a wooden back with brackets.

Step 2

Use old packing paper to add volume to the tree and add a branch with wire and paper.Step 3

Add 4-5 layers of paper mache, making sure you let each layer dry for a few days before adding the next.

Step 4

Paint tree brown

Step 5

Add koalas, using cotton to stitch them around the tree. Attach leaves with gardening wire. The koalas in the tree are from Ikea.

Party Decorations


Koala photos: Kmart


Flowers: Floralistic and Koch & Co

Koala party vase

Vases: one is a ‘Paint Your Own’ planter and the other is a Drink Bottle from Ikea.

koala party set up
Koala on the floor: Kmart You can also shop a range on Amazon: See here

DIY Balloon Garland

You can use any balloon garland kit to create your own backdrop. This one from Amazon comes in similar colours. Shop here>>>

Koala Party Cake

koala party cake
A gorgeous cake topper is the perfect statement to turn any cake into a masterpiece! Add some flowers around the outside, along with some koala figures and you’re ready to go. Such a simple, yet effective cake!

More Koala Inspiration

After some more koala party inspiration? Check out:

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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