Leo’s 5th DIY Bunnings Party

DIY Bunnings birthday

This party was for my son, Leo’s 5th Birthday. He loves Bunnings, it is his favourite shop and loves going with his dad, so it was only fitting we did it as a birthday party. Here’s our DIY Bunnings party.

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Bunnings Merch

Bunnings party table

We got all the Bunnings Merchandise from our local store. My best friend went into the store and said that her nephew was having a Bunnings birthday party, and we were lucky enough to be given:

  • Aprons
  • Blow-up hammers
  • Blow-up cheering sticks
  • Drink bottles

I made up little name tags, so I could write the kid’s names on them at the party. I also made up little Bunnings tent cards for the tables.

DIY Bunnings Party Decorations

DIY Bunnings birthday

Decorations, tablecloths, and balloons were from Spotlight. You can also get the green balloons here. Plus the red 5 balloon here.

My son’s outfit consisted of a $4 red polo top from Kmart, $15 work pants from Lowes and Bunnings cap from Bunnings.

Bunnings Party Favours

Bunnings party favours

For the party favours, I bought poster paints from Officeworks, little terracotta pots and seedlings from Bunnings. The kids went to the ‘Paint Shop’ and they painted their pots using the poster paints.

Once their pots were dry, the kids went to the ‘Nursery’ where they chose and planted a seedling. For food we did a sausage sizzle, just like they have at Bunnings stores.

Party Games

DIY Bunnings party game

We did pin the nail on the hammer. My husband painted the Bunnings Hammer logo on some cardboard and then I found a picture of some nails, printed and cut them out, and then wrote the kid’s names on it.

Dessert Table

DIY bunnings birthday

For the dessert table, I made:

Jelly pots

Red and green jelly paint pots

wet paint food

Homemade LCM bars made to look like wet paint brushes

Tool food

Sugar cookies shaped as tools.

Bunnings Birthday Cake

Bunnings birthday cake

The birthday cake was made by me. It is a chocolate cake, with a whipped cream and strawberry centre. The icing is red and green buttercream icing, using different piping nozzles and then topped with leftover tool sugar cookies.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!  


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