scary dinosaur cake

Do you have a fearsome dinosaur party coming up? Whether you’re going all out with a Jurassic Park theme, or you simply want to create something ‘wow’ worthy, this incredible scary dinosaur cake from Jasmine has a little bit of everything. She shares exactly how she pulled together this masterpiece, so you have a go for your next party. Good luck!

Making The Scary Dinosaur Cake


I first used fondant to hand make blue the raptor, and then the T-rex. I just made the head and claws.

To get the scales I used the round part of a piping tip. I then used Wilton gel colours. I put a tiny bit in a cup and used a wet paint brush and painted green, black and brown.

Making The Door

I made a door from brown fondant. And used a knife to make it look like wood.

Pulling the cake together

Scary dinosaur cake

I then used three cakes and crumb coated then added a coat of buttercream.

I rolled grey fondant out and a knife to cut bricks into the fondant. I put it on the side of the cake. I then added the T-rex head and claws in the middle and cut a heap of leaves with a cutter and covered the top with leaves.

Using a bit of flower glue from cake boss I stuck the door on one side and blue raptor on the other side. Lastly, I mixed a little bit of red gel colour to water and painted it on the teeth, leaves, claws and drip down side of the cake.

Voila, with just a bit of creativity, you have your very own scary dinosaur cake that is sure to delight any party child! It’s incredible life like, and you can have plenty of fun with it.

Want some more dinosaur inspiration?

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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