teabag biscuits

Hosting a tea party any time soon? Or perhaps just having some friends over for an afternoon tea? These tea bag biscuits are oh so adorable and so easy to make! Here’s how to perfect these gorgeous sugar cookies.

Teabag Biscuit Ingredients

Here’s what you need to get started on these gorgeous tag bag biscuits:

  • Sugar cookie recipe. If you don’t have one you already use, this one is great!
  • Tea bag strings: simply purchase some teabags (any flavour) and cut off the strings. Adds to the authenic look!
  • 220g bag of white chocolate melts.
  • 30g
  • Pink food dye (or any colour you like)
  • Rectangle food cutter. Purchase here>>>

Teabag Biscuits Method

It’s time to get creating! Luckily, these biscuits are so quick and easy, you will master them in no time. Even better, they can be made a few days ahead and simply stored in an airtight container – perfect for avoiding some of that last-minute stress before a party.

  1.  Prepare sugar cookies using your favourite recipe and roll out to 2cm.
  2. Cut with rectangle cookie cutter.
  3. Using a knife, gently cut off two corners to creat the teabag look!
  4. Use a skewer to make a hole at the same end you cut off the corners.
  5. Pop into oven!
  6. Once the biscuits are cooled you can start preparing the chocolate mixture.
  7. Create a water bath on the stove, and add in the chocolate melts.  Add in a few drops of food colouring.
  8. Mix gently over low heat until all the chocolate has melted.
  9. Pick up your biscuits one by one and dip the ends (without the hole) into the chocolate, covering about halfway up the biscuit.
  10. Lay flat on baking paper to dry.
  11. Once dry, tie the teabag strings on and voila! Your teabag biscuits are ready!

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