Elliot’s Circus 1st Birthday

Circus theme party birthday cake

Are you looking for a bright and fun party theme that kids will love? A circus first birthday is just what you need. We had so much fun with this theme – and the older siblings especially loved being able to dress up. But I will let you into a little secret (which I am sure you will notice as you look through photos), Elliot actually turned two, not one for this party. Thanks to COVID-19, we had to postpone his first birthday, but you can see some fun we had with his cake smash. Let’s face it, a cake smash is always a hit!

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Circus 1st Birthday Set Up

We had plenty of fun putting together the party table as the main attraction for Elliot’s birthday. They also created an amazing DIY balloon garland!

Social Butterflies help pull the look together with their amazing balloon garland and their draping curtains at the back.

We kept everything in theme, including the cups and serviettes we used, just to add to the look!

You can also find adorable circus theme plates, cups, and napkins here.

Circus Party Food

One big focus of the party table was creating delicious foods that were completely in theme. Here’s some of our faves.

Circus Elephant Fruit

This guy was surprising very easy to make! 

  1. Cut the rockmelon in half.
  2. Put one half aside to be his head – be sure to hollow him out!
  3. Cut a circle from the middle of the second half. Then cut this in half. Now you have the ears!
  4. Cut along a piece of the second half to be the trunk.
  5. Stick it all together with tooth picks and add in grapes for the eyes.

Circus 1st Birthday Grazing Platter

If you’re having adults at your party, then this is a super easy way to cater for everyone. You can pick and choose your ingredients, and simply lay them out of a table cloth or butcher’s paper. So easy and so delicious.


We can’t forget the birthday cake! This is something I made on my own. The figures on top are from here and there’s a foam cake layer in the middle that you can get here.

Messy Play

If you’re looking for some party entertainment for a Circus 1st Birthday (or any birthday), then messy play is a great idea.

We hired the fabulous team at Messy Makers, and they set it all up, and then cleaned everything up afterwards as well. The kids had an absolute blast with it all!

If you need more help looking for party suppliers, take a look at our directory.

Circus Birthday Outfits

Dress up time! We bought our outfits at Costume Box, and Elliot’s Ring Master costume was also from Amazon.

For the girls, we bought some face paint from Spotlight and just dressed them in outfits they already had at home! Easy.

You can also get face paint online here.

Need more tips when it comes to planning that next important occasion? Check out our DIY party planning checklist and get started today!


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