Halloween Party Decorations

Two Wild theme birthday celebrant wearing a lion costume

The clock is ticking and Halloween is fast approaching!

It’s time to dust the cobwebs off (pun intended) your Halloween party decorations and prepare for the haunted holiday up ahead. Let’s get ready for a spook-tacular Halloween!

Here are several fun ideas for your Halloween party decorations.

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Themes and decorations

Wendesday Addams

Nothing says creepy better than a Wednesday Addams theme. This spooky and enigmatic character fits the Halloween spirit perfectly. Use black as your main colour, add touches of a haunted mansion or a dark garden as decor, place Wednesday’s image around the party, and you’re good to go! Looking for more decoration inspiration:
Wednesday theme birthday party set up.

Shark Party

For younger kids, a creepy or scary themed Halloween party might be too much for them. And they might end up being too scared to have fun. How about a cute shark party instead? You can use shark-themed balloons, put up an underwater scene backdrop or cake, and have shark-shaped cookies. Your animal-loving little one will love this theme.

Looking for more decoration inspiration:


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Heroes in a half shell, turtle power! That catchy song is well-loved by kids everywhere, so why not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme for your Halloween party? There’s lots of TMNT decor to choose from, and if your child loves the character, a turtle costume is perfect!

Looking for more decoration inspiration:

TMNT Party


A superhero theme for a Halloween party? Why not? Kids of all ages will love the idea of dressing up as their favourite superheroes for Halloween. You can give out capes as party favours, serve superhero-themed sugar cookies, and even the adults will enjoy having a valid excuse to dress up as Superman, Wonder Woman, or Ironman.

Looking for more Halloween party decoration inspiration:

Superhero theme party capes


If your child loves science, carry it over to Halloween! The great thing about a science-themed party is you can get as creative as possible when it comes to preparing experiments the guests can do during the party tog, presenting food as quirky “chemicals”, and using real laboratory equipment as containers for everything-from party snacks to favours.

Looking for more decoration inspiration:

Science party experiments sugar cookies

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a great Halloween theme for your little bookworm. This fun theme offers so much potential when it comes to decor – from Hogwarts Express, to the sorting hat, to Quidditch broomsticks. The possibilites are endless!

Looking for more decoration inspiration:

Harry Potter tents


There’s something about Spiderman that captivates children. Maybe because he can climb walls, shoot out spiderwebs, or because he learns independently (no grownups required.) Whatever the reason is, if your child is a fan, a Spiderman theme for Halloween is perfect! There are loads of Spiderman decor to choose from, including foil Spiderman balloons, fake cobwebs, and a red/blue/black balloon arch.

Looking for more decoration inspiration:

Spiderman party backdrop

Plants vs. Zombies

If you want to do a zombie-themed Halloween party, but you want to make it more family-friendly, go for Plants vs. Zombies instead. This theme is the perfect combination of cute and creepy.

You can find lots of Plants vs. Zombies Halloween party decorations online, so decorating won’t be a problem!

Looking for more decoration inspiration:


Witches are a mainstay of Halloween, so a witches themed party is another great idea. There are lots of ways you can incorporate the theme into your decor – from smoking cauldrons, broomsticks, to witch hats. Hand out a witch hat to all the guests and voila! Your theme is set.

Looking for more decoration inspiration:

Haunted House

Nothing says Halloween more than a haunted house theme. This spooky theme will send shivers down your guests’ spines. Use flickering candles, cobweb-filled rooms, and headstones to set the mood. Add background sounds of creaky doors or hushed whispers and you’re ready to go. Remember to tone the decor down if you have young guests attending your party.

Looking for more Halloween party decorations inspiration:

Monster Bash

Silly monsters, scary monsters, or cute ones, the choice is yours! If you have younger kids, think Monsters Inc. type of monsters, while older kids can handle scarier ones, more like Godzilla. You can use googly eyes, monster masks, and fuzzy pompom balls (as cute monsters) as your main decor.

Looking for more decoration inspiration:

Sweet Treats

Of course, you can’t celebrate Halloween without lollies! After all, a huge part of Halloween is trick-or-treating. So, why not center your Halloween party around sweet treats? Think Halloween candy land and decorate your party with giant candy corns, red candy swirls, or giant jelly beans.

Looking for more decoration inspiration:


Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative (or go crazy) with your party food choices! Here are our top picks:

Brain Cake

A brain cake is the perfect gory addition to your Halloween spread. There no better time to make a brain cake than for a Halloween party. Our brain cake recipe is realistic, easy to follow, and most of all, delicious!

brain cake

Scary Dinosaur Cake

Whether your Halloween party theme is dinosaurs, monsters, or Jurassic Park, a scary dinosaur cake will fit right in! Take a look at this scary dinosaur cake recipe and get ready to wow your guests.

Scary dinosaur cake

Watermelon Shark

A cute shark theme is perfect for a Halloween party for little ones. This watermelon shark is easy to make and sure to become the eye catching centerpiece of your food table. Plus, its a healthy break from all the Halloween lollies!

watermelon shark

Spider Biscuits

These amazing spider biscuits are a great addition to your Halloween spread! Added bonus – there’s no baking required. Ask your kids to help decorate them and you’ve also got a fun Halloween activity lined up.

A plate of spider themed cookies

Bat Cookies

Bats are often associated with Halloween, so these adorable bat cookies are perfect for your party. Your guests will love sinking their teeth into these delicious batty delights. 

A plate of bat cookies


Wearing a costume for Halloween is a fun experience for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages. Whether you choose to be a superhero, a monster, or a mermaid, this fun holiday is an excellent opportunity to make the most of your imagination and creativity. Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy the magic of make-believe. Here are some costumes we love:

Lion King Mask

If your little one loves Lion King (and many children do), we have a great DIY Lion Mask for you. You’ll need a Cricut machine and lots of patience, but the end results are well worth it!

Lion King Costume

Super Mario Bros.

The Super Mario Bros. movie came out earlier this year and rekindled our love for the beloved plumber. Your child will love this Mario costume that comes complete with his iconic moustache. 


Spiderman is a well-loved and iconic web-slinging hero, so if your child is a fan, we’re sure they’ll love to dress up as Spiderman this Halloween. This Spiderman costume is easy to wear and even comes with fake muscles, which adds to its fun factor.


Ahoy, matey! Make your little swashbuckler’s pirate dreams come true with this fun pirate costume. This timeless get-up is suitable for boys and girls and comes with an eye patch and soft sword.


Put a smile on everyone’s face with this pumpkin costume. Grownups will love how adorable the kids look wearing it, while kids will love how comfortable it is to put on and wear. Imagine a little pumpkin walking around your party, too cute!

We hope these spook-tacular Halloween ideas help you host a fun and memorable Halloween party. Happy haunting and may your party be a howling success!


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